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Heavy verdict for Kevin De Bruyne, who suffers a broken nose and eye socket in the CL final, national coach Martínez: “Rüdiger deserved red” | Sport

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Champions LeagueKevin De Bruyne suffered a broken nose and eye socket during the Champions League final against Chelsea (0-1 loss). He himself announced this on Twitter. At the moment ‘KDB’ seems to be able to make it to the European Championship, because he could play with a carbon mask. Although it remains to be seen. Antonio Rüdiger apologized on Twitter, national coach Roberto Martinez thought a red card was in order.

It had to be his match. The pinnacle of his season. Kevin De Bruyne started as captain at Manchester City in the final of the Champions League. However, it should not have been. Just before the hour, De Bruyne collided ugly with Chelsea defender Antonio Rüdiger. Head to head. The German got off without a hitch, the Belgian the damage was greater. The doctors were quick to respond, he lay against the turf for minutes.


I feel okay but still disappointed after yesterday

Kevin De Bruyne

After more than three minutes, they tied the knot at City. To replace. In tears – and with an ugly black eye – De Bruyne left the field. Full of disbelief. And with applause from all the City supporters who traveled along. He got some words of encouragement from Pep Guardiola. Ten minutes before the end, the Belgian finally headed for the changing rooms, visibly affected and with the necessary effort.

This afternoon, De Bruyne himself announced what the verdict is. “I just got back from the hospital. The diagnosis is that I have a nose fracture and eye socket fracture. I feel okay but still disappointed after yesterday. ‘We will be back’. ”

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In the meantime, ‘perpetrator’ Antonio Rüdiger has apologized to De Bruyne on Twitter. “I’m sorry about Kevin’s injury. Of course it was not on purpose. I have already contacted Kevin personally and wish him a speedy recovery. I hope we will see each other back on the field soon. ”

National coach Martínez: “Rüdiger deserved red”

National coach Roberto Martínez also watched with sorrow how De Bruyne had to leave the field last night. He thinks that the competition management should have acted more strictly. “Rüdiger got away well,” says Martínez in The Mirror. “There is no clash between the heads of the players in the images. Rüdiger catches Kevin full with his shoulder. It is sour, because he immediately grabs his head with his hands. What Rüdiger did was unnecessary and imprudent. He deserved a red card in my opinion. Kevin is not a player who just lets himself be dropped. He was clearly in pain and he had a black eye. ”

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“In principle he can play within 2 weeks”

And so the Red Devils live with extra injury doubts towards the European Championship. De Bruyne is said to be able to reach EURO 2020, although it remains to be seen and he will certainly have to play with a carbon mask. “Far from ideal”, sports doctor Chris Goossens also confirms. “If that has not been moved, which is usually the case in such cases, then it will be a rehabilitation of three weeks before it has stabilized again. For example, heading will be a problem. If it’s just a nose fracture, you can head with your forehead, but an eye socket fracture, the skull is involved. Then headlines become very precarious, I wouldn’t do that anyway. Whether he will make it to the European Championship? Normally he can play within two weeks. ” At the Belgian Football Association they await the medical report for the time being before responding.

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