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He has a degree in business administration, achieved a historic title with Real Sociedad and shines in his national team: “I don’t know what would happen if Messi played for Spain”

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Mikel Oyarzabal celebrates the King’s Cup title with Real Sociedad. Photo: REUTERS / Marcelo Del Pozo

Ever the Thin Menotti used a strange sentence to describe his admiration with Andres Iniesta. “It’s amazing how well he plays with that office worker face”, The world champion coach had said in 1978. His striking insight could be applied to Mikel Oyarzabal, one of the current figures of the Spanish team, who unlike the talented midfielder from Móstoles, does have a bachelor’s degree under his arm.

When the Basque winger decided to study the career of business Administration he did not know that his destiny was going to be in football. Although he had already shown his talent during the school stage and trained with the youth divisions of the Real society on Zubieta, the offensive midfielder entered the university to have more options in case of not achieving his dream.

“When I started studying, I didn’t know if I was going to play soccer. I had to make my debut in Second Division B when I was in the second year And I think that it took the race to abstract a bit from everything that surrounds football. It was clear to me that it was something I wanted to do, because I liked it and because I saw that I could get ahead, “he says from a distance with the calm that characterizes him.

Today with 24 years, is one of the figures of the Real society. And his presence was essential for the team of Imanol Sheriff will win the Copa del Rey after more than three decades of drought. He still remembers his outrageous coach at the press conference celebrating the title that ended the adverse streak and warns that “he had not seen it live.” “When we were on the bus celebrating, A colleague showed me the video and we fell apart. It was a joke moment. He carries the feeling of the Royal a long time ago and felt it that way. It was the example of what the true supporter of the Real felt”, He recalls without being able to avoid the smile that those scenes provoke in him.

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The feat caused an earthquake of happiness in Saint Sebastian. Oyarzabal He maintains that “it was something unique” and acknowledges that “the club had already been working to achieve the objective”. He is enthusiastic about continuing in the same working tune to “be able to repeat it”, but he is also aware that to make the leap in the fight The League there is still a long way to go: “With the level we have, we know that it is very difficult to fight the title against Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético Madrid and Sevilla. Today we can stand up to him, but they are a rung above. Our goal is to keep improving to bridge that gap ”.

When you see how difficult it is to win a League, you realize the merit of the achievement we obtained. Today it is a pride to be on the postcard of that Copa del Rey, because many young people went many years without having the possibility of celebrating a title”, He analyzes with satisfaction.

With four dates to be played, the championship Iberian entered its defining stage and the aspirations of the cast of Anoeta they take refuge in the qualification for the Europa League. Mikel Oyarzabal considers that “it has been a good season” and hopes to get tickets for the international competition. “We are in a position to do it,” he says optimistically. It acknowledges that “Benzema, Iago Aspas and Gerard Moreno are the best center-forwards in La Liga“, But warns that”there is a player who is above the rest”. “Messi scores 30 goals per season. I would love to be able to score more goals to one day be the one Pichichi, but while I’m Leo it’s impossible”, He confesses.

In this sense, the Basque reflects on the questions of Infobae related to the latest statements made by the former captain of the national team Uruguay, Diego lugano, who in a controversial uchrony said that if the Rosario star had been born on the other side of the Río de la Plata, the Celeste I would have won two World Cups. Therefore, What would have happened if Messi had played for Spain? “I don’t know what would have happened, but surely it would have been different. Especially in recent years. The selection that was champion of Europe and the world, was spectacular. One cannot imagine what Leo would have been like on that team., because it was a generation that will not be repeated. In the last time, it was when I saw the most (and suffered the most) Messi and you really realize how talented you are, ”he responds cautiously.

Lionel Messi escapes from Mikel Oyarzabal's mark in a duel between Barcelona and Real Sociedad.  Photo: REUTERS / Vincent West
Lionel Messi escapes from Mikel Oyarzabal’s mark in a duel between Barcelona and Real Sociedad. Photo: REUTERS / Vincent West

At present, the figure of Anoeta is a key piece in the team that leads Luis Enrique. You know that it is part of a replacement that must replace “a brutal generation “ and warns that “it will be difficult to match what the team did 10 years ago, because their players showed what they were capable of.”

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In a few months you will have the opportunity to participate in the Eurocup and the Olympic Games, two tournaments that awaken him “great enthusiasm”. “They will be very complex competitions because there are many teams with the potential to win”, he reflects without neglecting his present: “Today I am focused on Real to finish La Liga in the best way. I want to continue growing and I think I am in the right place to do so. A few years ago the club was in a very delicate situation, but now there are many players who want to come. That speaks of how well things are being done ”.

Despite his youth, the virtuous midfielder became one of the leaders of the whole of northern Spain. It acknowledges that “it is not usual to see a captain so young”And sacrifices himself for a group that managed to make history. “Wearing the tape was something that has come to me because I have not looked for it. In any case, I try to continue learning to support my colleagues ”, he humbly emphasizes.

He even departs from the praise of the media in his country, which links him to a possible future in the Barcelona: “It was rumors. I was always focused on Real Sociedad and I want to continue growing as a footballer; but I want to do it here and for the club to grow with me ”.

In times when millionaire entrepreneurs seek to create their own tournaments and fierce capitalism widens the gap between rich and poor, Mikel Oyarzabal he prefers to stay in the entity of his origins before emigrating to the Catalan power. A vision that is similar to the one he has about the controversial and truncated idea that he promotes Florentino Pérez with the Superliga. “I keep the same message that the club has given. As everybody knows, You have to have merits to be able to play in European competitions. Things are won by playing, not randomly or selected. I think the current format is the ideal one because it allows us to play in Europe because of what was done last season ”.

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This is him: considered the most interesting attacker in Zubieta since the appearance of Antoine Griezmann. Focused, humble and hardworking. On the official site of the Real society, describe it as “a mature player with a prodigious left foot”. Perhaps they do not only refer strictly to the football plane.


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