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Happy weekend for Gommiswalder Judokas

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Judokas of the U15 and younger category could take part in the tournament. All Aargau judo clubs and the neighboring U15 cantonal squads were invited.
The four U15 cantonal squad members Sören Strobel, Neil Scherz, Enya Kühne and Sandra Kühne from the Judo & Ju-Jitsu School Gommiswald were invited to take part. The four of them were really happy to finally start a judo tournament again after almost a year and a half. Unfortunately, the two sisters Enya and Sandra Kühne had to cancel their participation due to illness.

Two wins in the U13

The two Gommiswalder who remained in the tournament showed with their victories that the training sessions during the tournament break caused by the pandemic had been well used.
In the first encounter, Sören Strobel placed a beautiful Sasae-tsuri-komi-ashi (lifting foot pull) throw, which earned him the victory point that he should be reckoned with in the fight for first place. This was then confirmed in the following two fights, which he clearly won.
Neil Scherz started the tournament as the second Gommiswalder. After a short time he achieved a Wazzari rating with an ippon-seoi-nage to O-soto-gari litter combination. In the following ground fight, the Gommiswalder decided the fight with the grab handle Kesa-gatame for himself. The following two encounters were won by Neil Scherz with a Harai-goshi throw and then in a ground fight using a twisting technique with the Kami-shio-gatame grab handle.

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