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Gourdon. A “Different Day” to relax at the Béluze school

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At the Béluze school, in order to concoct a relaxing day for the students, Élodie Felkiel-Roppa, director, and her collaborators created a little joy, sport and relaxation for this “Day otherwise” so called, for the students. kindergarten and elementary students.

Mölkky, construction games, archery …

Élodie Felkiel-Roppa explains: “This very active day was scheduled for Tuesday 25 May. All activities were supervised by teachers, Atsem, trainees, parents of students and approved interveners. At noon, it was a picnic, a meal taken out of the bag and in the open air. “

The Montceau gym club; the departmental archery committee; Gilberte Michon, music teacher; the library of Montceau; The Usep of Saône-et-Loire; The sports union of primary education, with two speakers and games, participated in this day.

Gymnastics, fishing rod, giant memo, bowling pins, giant dominoes, painting and drawing, mess, billiards, music, mölkky, stilt, archery, cafe server, parachute, construction games, kingball, wooden billiards, music.

The day ended at 4:30 p.m. with the arrival of parents invited to see the mural, which has now been completed.

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