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Gießen relegation sealed – Bamberg moves into the play-offs

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The Jobstairs Gießen 46ers have been confirmed as the second premature relegated from the basketball league after Rasta Vechta. The Hessians lost to Brose Bamberg at 90:99 on Tuesday and can no longer achieve relegation.

David Kravish and Brose Bamberg defeated Giessen – and thus sealed the relegation of the 46ers.

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The team of trainer Rolf Scholz should have won the remaining games and at the same time needed defeats of Syntainics MBC and s.Oliver Würzburg to avert relegation. Bamberg, on the other hand, qualified for the play-offs with their 17th success of the season.

The weakened replacement from Giessen made a decisive false start. The 16:37 deficit after the first quarter ultimately turned out to be too big a mortgage, although the team never gave up.

In an entertaining top game, the second Alba Berlin won 79:78 against the front runner MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg. The Baden-Württemberger had already been determined as the main round champion.

In the game between medi Bayreuth and the Fraport Skyliners, both teams were able to play freely. The home side had the better end on their side. With a clear 81:58 victory, they inflicted the fifth consecutive defeat on Frankfurt. In addition, the Hamburg Towers beat the BG Göttingen with 93:91. The season of the Lower Saxony is thus over after the regular season.

Brose Bamberg – Jobstairs Giessen 46ers 99:90 (37: 16,19: 32,18: 21,25: 21)

Points Brose Bamberg: Hall 18, Larson 15, Sengfelder 15, Ogbe 12, Kravish 10, Hundt 9, Fieler 7, Vitali 6, Thompson 4, Lockhart 3
Jobstairs Giessen 46ers: Garrett 26, Bryant 22, James Jr. 16, Hamilton 12, Brown 7, Pjanic 5, Kraushaar 2

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Alba Berlin – MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg 79:78 (23: 21,18: 27,17: 16,21: 14)

Points Alba Berlin: Giffey 16, Eriksson 14, Lammers 14, Granger 12, Fontecchio 11, Sikma 5, Mattisseck 3, Koumadje 2, Olinde 2
MHP Giant Ludwigsburg: Warren 17, Da Silva 14, Smith 14, Radebaugh 13, McLean 9, Herzog 5, Bartolo 3, Brown Jr. 3

medi Bayreuth – Fraport Frankfurt 80:58 (27: 13,16: 17,21: 12,16: 16)

Points medi Bayreuth: Walker 23, Seiferth 13, Tiby 11, Jones 7, Olisevicius 7, Pardon 7, Doreth 5, Jalalpoor 5, Bruhnke 2
Fraport Frankfurt: Moore 16, Murphy 16, Gudmundsson 7, Robertson 7, Völler 6, Haldenfeldt 3, Püllen 2, Begue 1

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