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Gabriele Adorno is the winner of the 48th edition of the Kodokan Cup

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“The certainty is avI spent my time on something worthwhile ” (Giorgio Sozzi)

This sentence of Giorgio Sozzi founder of the Kodokan Cremona, it is part of the book that Andrea Sozzi wrote on the occasion of the 50th year of the dojo by title ‘Something that is worth “.

The Kodokan Cremona Cup saw the light in 1973 and every year it rewards the athlete who has most distinguished himself for sporting merits in the sporting season, and is certainly part of the ‘something worthwhile’ of which the Master spoke.

The ranking is drawn up on the basis of the sum of the scores deriving from the placements in the various races in which the athletes participated.

In the edition that awarded the results in the sports season 2020, was the fifteen year old Gabriele Adorno to win the 48th Kodokan Cup Trophy, thanks to bronze conquered in Italy Trophy in Riccione e gold at the Spilimbergo International Championships, coming to position itself at 5th place in the national ranking of its class and category, that of heavyweights.

On the remaining two steps of the podium two other youngsters were positioned: Gabriel Gosi and Simone Ruggiero, this year both in the cadet category who will surely have time and time to take revenge.

The event took place through the Zoom platform, a situation far from the warm and festive atmosphere of the previous editions, but essential to give continuity to an important moment of aggregation and sharing of the values ​​of sport.

The Kodokan President Andrea Sozzi thanked, athletes, former athletes and the representatives ofl Panathlon Club Cremona Cesare Beltrami, Giovanni Radi, Roberto Bodini, Alceste Bartoletti and Luca Zanacchi Councilor for Sport and representative of the Municipality of Cremona.

Sozzi, recalling moments and people who have marked the history of Kodokan, he also wanted to anticipate the intention to organize a series of events for the 50th anniversary in September.

The Kodokan Cremona in the meantime it continues with the training program in full compliance with the regulations in force, and the training of the youngest athletes outdoors should soon start again.

Gabriele Adorno, fresh off the award ceremony, will represent the Kodokan al “Challenge anno 2006”, which in the calendar Fijlkam is scheduled for July at Lido di Ostia (RM).

-Gazzaniga Daniele-

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