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From irony to insults, this is how some athletes celebrated Pablo Iglesias’ goodbye

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Next to
the resounding victory of Isabel Díaz Ayuso
and the collapse of the PSOE, surpassed on the left side of the electoral spectrum by Más Madrid, the elections in the Community of Madrid left as the most outstanding fact the farewell to the politics of Pablo Iglesias, leader of United We Can.

The candidate announced after knowing the electoral results his resignation from institutional politics and all his positionsNews that some athletes and former athletes opposed to the policies and forms of Iglesias, such as Luis Figo, Pepe Reina or Nico Almagro, welcomed with great joy, and a habitual scourge of the left in the networks.

They did it through social networks and in very different ways, from the irony of Figo or the moderation of Reina, to the reprehensible insult of ex-footballer Iván Campo, which described the politician as “the greatest rat in the history of Spain.”

The first to share their opinion about the elections and the end of Iglesias’ political career were two habitual detractors of the leader of United We Can, also of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, on social networks: Luis Figo and Pepe Reina.

The Portuguese pulled irony and mocked the latest CIS poll, in which the results were significantly different from those finally obtained after the votes were counted. “According to the CIS of Tezanos everything is a dream,” wrote the former Barcelona and Real Madrid player among other clubs in Twitter accompanying the message with several laughing faces.

For his part, the goalkeeper was not so explicit and shared his opinion in a more indirect way by retweeting a message in favor of the winner Ayuso and against the policies of Sánchez and Iglesias: «The message sent is clear. Enough of imposing a way of thinking, of telling ourselves how we have to live and what we have to say. People want to work and earn a living with their effort, not state handouts covered in superficial concepts created by lobbies.

Short but forceful was the message from another footballer, Roberto Soldado, Granada forward, which at the time the results were known in the Community of Madrid published a story on his Instagram profile in which he said “Good night” along with several party icons.

Even if for forcefulness the one that ex-footballer Iván Campo showed, who crossed the line and next to an explicit drawing of Ayuso kicking Iglesias wrote «At last the biggest rat in the history of Spain leaves». A way to qualify the leader of United We Can that goalkeeper Jesús Fernández seconded, currently in Romania, that through Twitter shared: “The rat returns to the burrow.”

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Almagro uncorks the champagne

And not only from the world of football did the sticks for Iglesias come. The former tennis player Nico Almagro he also went through social networks to wish the politician «As much peace you carry as rest you leave». The Murcian also shared his desire that the result in the Madrid elections be reflected in the next electoral appointment at the national level.

«’The victory of the right wing in Madrid is a tragedy’ Word of Pablo Iglesias. The tragedy will be for you, for the vast majority of Madrilenians and not Madrilenians, who after all are those who do not love you as they have shown you. Next stop España #Out», He wrote after the victory of the PP in Madrid.

«It goes for you @IdiazAyuso and @LopezMirasF #LoHasLogrado #Genia That they remove the Goddess Cibeles and put the Goddess Ayuso“He later congratulated the Madrid president.

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