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French Open | Siniaková was relieved that she managed a difficult Czech derby

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Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“It was definitely difficult and I would say nervous from both tents. It is not pleasant to meet the Czech Republic in the first round. I am very happy with how it turned out,” said Siniaková.

Siniak managed the first set without losing gamma and the match seemed to be fast. Bouzková played for the first time after injuring her thumb from Madrid and with a bandaged hand. “I know that Maruška did not play for long, as she was unlucky in Madrid, but it was a difficult match,” said Siniaková.

But she lost the second set after mistakes. In the third set, she took the lead 3: 1, but immediately lost her break. And then a game of more than twenty minutes was played. “I probably didn’t play longer, I can’t say,” said Siniak, who turned the sixth breakball into it. “It was up and down, we played well, then came minor mistakes, but the game helped me,” said the 25-year-old tennis player.

Siniak finally finished the match in two and a half hours to a victorious end. In Paris, she managed the first round for the fourth time in a row, which she failed in any other grand slam in singles. The Roland Garros spell continues to work in her case. “Probably yes,” she said with a smile.

What is behind the success on clay?

Before traveling to the French Open, Siniak defeated Serena Williams in Parma. Maybe this year’s collaboration with Russian coach Yevgeny Manjukov, the winner of the mixed doubles at the French Open in 1993, also contributes to this. “I’m used to training a lot, so I like that he goes the same style. We trained a lot and worked on the court and It gives me positive energy and doesn’t spare me, “said Siniak, who continues to help her father.

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Tears of a Czech heroine. Defeat Serena? I was honored to be on the court with her, said the moved Siniak

She requested treatment before the last game. In the locker room, she had her thigh muscle tied preventively. “The courts are quite slippery, I ran a few times and the front puller started to hurt. We felt it more and more. I wanted to make sure it didn’t get worse. Maybe it’s nothing serious when I’m warmed up again as always,” she said. SIniaková.


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