Football Leaks: inquiry reopened to investigate links between PJ and Doyen

The inquiry to investigate the links between the Judiciary Police and Doyen was reopened, following the extraction of a trial certificate from Rui Pinto, creator of Football Leaks, sent to the Department of Investigation and Penal Action in Lisbon. The news was advanced by the Publico newspaper, and confirmed by a PGR source to Agência Lusa.

The investigation aimed to investigate possible irregularities in the cooperation between Doyen and the PJ and had already been closed, but the Public Ministry decided to re-investigate these connections, initially made public by Rui Pinto, while he was still in Hungary and passed on information to the former MEP Ana Gomes, when she went to visit him at the prison.

The decision to extract the certificate to investigate the connections between the PJ and Doyen was taken at the session on December 10 of last year, after statements made in judgment by the former lawyer of the investment fund Doyen Pedro Henriques and by inspectors of the Judiciary Police.

At issue is, for example, an e-mail exchange in November 2015 between Pedro Henriques and PJ inspector Rogério Bravo, in which he treated Nélio Lucas’s collaborator as “you” and in which he even sent a suggestion of request to be presented to the Attorney General of the Republic, a position that at the time was held by Joana Marques Vidal.

According to the testimony of Pedro Henriques, the PJ even indicated the name of a journalist to Doyen in order to serve as a “contact point” and pass on the investment fund version.

In another trial session, José Amador, another inspector from the PJ, admitted that Rui Pinto would have known about the job between this investigative police and the Russians of operator Yandex – asking for information about the origin of the emails that were exchanged between the Doyen administrator, Nélio Lucas, and Rui Pinto (then still anonymous) – from Pedro Henriques’ computer.



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