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First day of study with a bag of illusions

by archysport

The studious cast has an interesting roster and with many variables to hurt the purse. Regular, spicy perimeter, with the order of Germán Silvarrey, the 1 × 1 of Marcus Elliot and the long shot of Facundo Medina. Also, Tyrone Lee and Corbin Jackson to load the table. Perhaps Lee is the one who can bother the opponent on duty because of his versatility to play open sometimes and also because of the power of location he has in the paint to attack. The table is an advantage, taking into account the lack of inmates that Nacional will have. In addition, Nicolás Delgado is added to that rotation of big players, to find the parked game that can best serve the Da Prá cast, and not so much for short possessions and seek to be vertical to the basket.
Leonardo Zylbersztein’s team has a clear disadvantage in the paint, the entry of Marcel Souberbielle will be essential for him to take minutes on the table with Collier. The Puerto Rican is an inmate who runs the court well, perhaps he could be a tricolor card, block and run to catch Urunday badly.
They must take care of the issue of fouls, taking into account the little rotation that it has in that sector. Santiago Moglia needs to boost his performance, for a team that passes the ball well, in his shots on firm foot he has not been so successful so far. Morrison is the player who can complicate the scholar, although on some occasions Aguilera will jump to try to hold the good perimeter of Nacional. Another difference is the experience and hierarchy of the substitute guards, Morena has a good projection and minutes, with Carlos Cabezas who in key games always appears showing his entire repertoire on both sides of the field.

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