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FC Ingolstadt is promoted to the second division at VfL Osnabrück

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Dhe FC Ingolstadt overcame its relegation trauma with trembling tremors and returned to the second Bundesliga after two years. In 2019 and 2020 the Upper Bavarians failed in the two playoffs between the second division sixteenth and the third division third in some dramatic ways. On Sunday, after a clear 3-0 win in the first leg, they were only satisfied with a 1: 3 (1: 2) defeat at VfL Osnabrück, which was relegated to the third division for the seventh time.

“We deserve it! We definitely deserve it, ”said trainer Tomas Oral in a DAZN interview. “I’m sorry for VfL, I know how they feel. But we were just ripe. ”In front of the 2000 spectators at Bremer Brücke, who were allowed at short notice and enthusiastically cheered VfL on, the Ingolstadt-based team suffered a lot this time as well. After just 20 minutes, the Lower Saxony had caught up with Marc Heider (6/20) two of three goals conceded from the first leg.

At this point they were only missing one goal for overtime and two for relegation. The loud fans and Ingolstadt’s nerves only calmed down when Filip Bilbija surprisingly scored 1: 2 (31st). Now Osnabrück needed three goals again, of which Etienne Amenyido (78th) only managed one.

Osnabrück fails again

VfL had left no stone unturned to make up for the high defeat on Thursday. Before the kick-off, the Katja Ebstein hit “Miracles are always there” was played over the stadium speakers. And then the 2,000 spectators, who had been admitted at short notice by the Lower Saxony state government as part of a model project to open leisure and cultural events, made a noise as if 20,000 of them were standing in the grandstands of the Bremer Brücke.


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