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Evan Fournier’s enigmatic tweet

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Long absent from the NBA fields, Evan Fournier has made his comeback for a few games with the Celtics. Finally very good yesterday, the former Magic was however the author of a rather enigmatic statement on Twitter. We try to understand.

Back on the floor after a long absence due to Covid-19, Evan Fournier is gradually picking up his pace. Whether the illness seriously affected him both physically and psychologically, the Frenchman begins to regain his feelings, notably with a 21-point match against Portland at 8/10 in the shoot. On the other hand, outside of NBA theaters, the Boston player raised eyebrows with a recent rather astonishing post on social networks:

Leave the path of least resistance.

A very strange tweet, which contrasts with the usual style of the old Magic, and which necessarily questions his followers. Indeed, no one really knows to whom this cryptic message is addressed to say the least. What give birth to the craziest theories on the subject.

If we tried to translate the text, we could understand that Fournier urges no longer to choose the easy, and instead to make better choices, however complicated they may be. We should also roll up our sleeves and agree to whip harder. Could it be a questioning of the attitude of the Celtics, at the end of the regular season? Or would it be just a simple mantra, shared with his community? So many questions that remain unanswered, held only by the rear born in Saint-Maurice.

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If the first option turns out to be the right one, then that would necessarily be worrying for Boston. Seventh in the East (34-31), the players of Bean Town have been particularly inconsistent this season, despite a workforce led among others by Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. As a result, Brad Stevens’ squad finds itself in an unfavorable position for the playoffs, since it has a victory behind the last qualifying spot, held by Miami.

It is therefore a participation in the Play-In-Tournament that is looming for Fournier and his teammates. If the Celtics would obviously be favorites of this hen, composed otherwise of Charlotte, Indiana and Washington, be careful not to mess up, at the risk of experiencing a very bad surprise. It is for this reason that the Frenchman was recruited, in order to bring calm and experience in hot moments. Hopefully this will be enough.

Author of a rather philosophical tweet, Evan Fournier has given his followers a hell of a bone to eat. In the meantime, More Champagne will try a last run with Boston, just to seek direct qualification in postseason.

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