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EURO 2021 | Good news for the national team before the EURO. They fly to Italy

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They rested. The tests for covid-19 turned out well, the way to concentration is clear.

The football team thus begins a two-week preparation for the EURO. She met in Prague on Sunday evening and flies to South Tyrol the next day. The area offers great conditions for the training of football professionals, but also for a family holiday.

While the basecamp moved the national team from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Prague at the last minute during the championship, the training camp before the big tournament has been firmly agreed for over a year.

Meeting, tests and shoveling into a bubble. Only then will it be seen what will happen next and how and where the preparation for the EURO will take place

“When we were preparing the training camp, we considered various options and went to see them in person in several places, but in the end we decided on the Ski- & holiday area Gitschberg Jochtal, where we will have ideal conditions and the necessary peace to prepare. It suits us the most there, “explains Libor Sionko, the national team manager.

The national team will live at the Silena Hotel on the outskirts of Vals. A few meters from the hotel will have two training fields, so any travel is eliminated.

Hard moments of Jaroslav Šilhavý. Some players have to be informed that they are not going to the EURO


The team was supposed to go to the EURO on June 9, but in the end it will stay in Prague. Scotland envisages that in the case of a single positively tested player or member of the covid-19 implementation team, the entire team will be quarantined, although the UEFA Return to Play Protocol only recommends that the member be removed from isolation. The Scots are the only ones that do not respect the rules of the UEFA protocol and have stricter measures than all the remaining host countries.

Revolutionary EURO 2021. Complete information about the tournament

During the training camp, the footballers will play a preparatory match with Italy on Friday in Bologna and will return to the Czech Republic on Sunday. The general before the European Championships on June 8 will be the home match with Albania in Prague’s Letná.

The complete EURO 2021 program. The tournament will be played by Turkey and Italy

The national team will stay at home during the tournament and will fly to individual matches. The first two duels of the basic group against Scotland on June 14 and against Croatia on June 18 are to take place in Glasgow, the remaining duel against England on June 22 in London.


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