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Established a corporation to form a professional basketball team Based in Fujisawa, Chigasaki, Samukawa | Chigasaki

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On May 13, the operating corporation “Shonan United Basketball Club Fujisawa” (Shonan United BC) was established to form a professional basketball team based in two cities and one town, Fujisawa, Chigasaki, and Samukawa. Aiming to participate in the B3 league from October next year, it will start in earnest. Mr. Shizuo Ogawa (Vice Chairman of the Fujisawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry), who became the representative, is enthusiastic that “I would like to broadly connect to regional revitalization and use it for the development of children.” The secretariat will be located in the Fujisawa Chamber of Commerce.

The Fujisawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry came up with the idea of ​​establishing a professional basketball team. In a study of regional economic revitalization through sports three years ago, we focused on the possibility of forming a professional team that can attract customers in baseball and soccer, while there are high hurdles in terms of setting up stadiums and funding, and basketball scale. It was also supported by the fact that the competition population, which leads to economic effects and regional revitalization, is the largest in the world, and that the number of club activities in junior high school and high school is the second largest in Japan.

In addition, the fact that the population of the Shonan area, including Fujisawa City, is on the rise, and that it is adjacent to the Yokohama area, which has a large population, are also good news. As a result, in terms of economic activity, it can be expected to have effects such as sports tourism that increases the number of visitors by holding competitions and events, and in terms of regional activity, it can contribute to the development of civic pride and the development of young people through exchange activities with citizens. Judgment. It is said that a preparatory committee was set up with business owners in the Shonan area and began to formulate a plan.

The base of the team was set to 2 cities and 1 town, Fujisawa, Chigasaki, and Samukawa, which are already linked between governments and economic organizations such as the chamber of commerce. At the courtesy visit of each chief in May, he said, “I was greeted with a sense of expectation” (Representative Ogawa). According to the secretariat, each region is showing a cooperative attitude toward holding home games and securing practice areas.

The application for membership in the B3 league is July this year. After the autumn examination, the membership will be approved in February next year.

Tryout too

There are two teams, a five-person system aiming for the highest peak B league in Japan and a three-person system that has become an Olympic event. The three-person system has already participated in leagues in Koto Ward, Tokyo. The five-person system will be selected in the future.

In addition to the promotion from Shonan State, which has already been active in the prefectural member of society first division league and became a subordinate organization of the club team known as a strong player, the transfer of active professional players, tryouts will be made after September this year. Also planned. The secretariat also has a policy of wanting to be a community-based team, and says, “I want to find players who are related to Shonan.”

Various information will be posted on the official website.


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