[Draft interim forecast]No. 1 in the pitcher category Daichi Moriki (Kochi High School), what is the true intention of professional baseball scouts? “Junior high school 150km cannot be thrown just by precociousness” –Draft Conference | Professional Baseball –Number Web

The author who has interviewed many amateur players all over the country as a “nagashi bullpen catcher” and has actually received the ball. Daichi Moriki (Kochi High School) was selected by the author as No. 1 in the pitcher category in the “Draft Mid-term Forecast”. I asked a professional baseball scout about his ability (following the 1st place in the fielder).

This spring, April 24th, I was in Oita.

At Betsudaikosan Stadium, where the high school baseball and Kyushu tournament is held, while chasing the fighting of the teams that won from the six prefectures of Kyushu, on the other hand, I was interested in Kagawa’s Rexxam Ballpark Marugame at the same time. It was the “Shikoku Tournament” of high school baseball held in.

Kochi High School ace, Daichi Moriki. Until now, Moriki had lost the game in the Shikoku tournament, which he didn’t understand, and for that reason he missed “Senbatsu” twice.

What was lacking in the talent of the softball “150 kg”

In the third year of Kochi junior high school, he won the national championship in spring and summer in a row, and with a softball of “150 km”, there are still people who can say “that is absolutely impossible”, starting with a triple feat, speed, physique, power , Spring, change ball, competitiveness in ball control … I think the only ability that the pitcher has, while having the necessary “property”, is “winning luck”.

As for pitcher Moriki, I had already seen pitching in actual battles several times, and in the fall and November of last year, I was allowed to pitch at the bullpen on the Kochi High Ground with this hand.

It’s probably going to be even more powerful over the winter, but I was going to imagine it. I wanted to see it again … I was a little lost, but this time I gave up on Shikoku and came to Oita where many players who saw it for the first time participated.

On that day, pitcher Moriki was relieved to hear that he took 6 strikeouts with no runs in the tense pitching of only 1 point lead with relief from 5 to 5 innings.

Actually, I was worried that I would do it again. This year’s Naruto High School is a team that bangs and has a good reputation for being strong in official games.

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