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Damontae Kazee is leaving pleasant impressions in the activities

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One of the elements the Cowboys managed to get during free agency was defensive back Damontae Kazee. Who came from the Atlanta Falcons, a team where previously defensive coordinator Dan Quinn was the head coach. However, the player came from a tear in the Achilles tendon in 2020. So there were some doubts if he would arrive in optimal condition for these dates.

Nonetheless, Kazee has proven to be a great example of hard work and conviction. At this week’s organized team activities, the safety has made an appearance and looks great at what has been going on. They include a great regimen of reps and exercises.

“At once I got down to it when I got here,” said the safety after practice. “Running and jumping, doing every defensive back drill with everyone, since the day I got here.”

While it is true that these practices are a little softer, with no shoulder pads and with very little contact, the results of Kazee have certainly been positive. As already mentioned, we are talking about a player who had not missed a professional game until week 4 of 2020. Where he broke his Achilles tendon against Green Bay on a Monday night.

However, there is confidence in the defensive back and in practice the approach that can be given in the future has already been seen. In fact, he looks like the incumbent at the Free Safety position. Very different case from his teammate Donovan Wilson, who could start as strong at the beginning of the season.

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Likewise, the player is expected to show the level he had during his stay with the Falcons. Where in the 2018 regular season he finished with a total of 7 interceptions. In his professional career, Damontae has had 199 combined tackles, 10 interceptions, six forced fumbles and 13 passes defended. Without a doubt, if he can win back some of that production in Dallas, Kazee will become a major threat.

Either way, once he’s fully recovered, we’re talking about an item that will be a great option for the Lone Star team. Especially if he can match his skills with the ball when he was under Dan Quinn’s orders between 2018 and 2019. Also, his great coverage management and that he knows the position very well. Since in his university stage at San Diego State he served as a cornerback.

Of course, not all are positive aspects for Kazee, since it really did not have it easy after the injury. He was in the final year of his rookie contract with the Falcons, so he wasn’t sure if he would have any future in the NFL. These types of breakages are often complicated and the level of interest from franchises can drop drastically. So it’s a huge positive that the Cowboys have decided to go for safety. Of course, Dallas was comfortable signing him knowing his medical balance and the extent of the injury.

“Let me tell you about the offseason, I saw the real side,” Kazee commented. “Not having football, and playing this for over 20 years, I didn’t know what to do. I was watching recordings and doing everything necessary, knowing that my contract had ended, I was injured. I was struggling with a lot of things, but couldn’t control the uncontrollable. “

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Now with this new opportunity in Dallas, the defensive back knows he can make noise and be a big name in the league. “There were a couple of teams that contacted me, but I wanted to get to a franchise that I know is going to fight, get to the postseason and the Super Bowl,” said the safety.

Likewise, the admiration and respect he has for defensive coordinator Dan Quinn cannot be ignored. “He’s a player coach, and I know he’s looking for fighters,” Kazee continued. “He wants people to run to the ball on every play, at all times. And that is one reason why I came here, a coach for whom I can fight in that way, for whom I can give everything ”.

Without a doubt, Kazee’s history in the NFL could be something spectacular in 2021 if all the conditions are met. We’ll see what happens, but nothing is more important than a player who is determined to achieve great things despite the circumstances.

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