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“Conte takes players, achieves results and then leaves Inter” | Series A.

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In Italy, the trainers carousel is running at full speed. Despite the national title, Inter has to look for a new coach and Juventus also seems to be facing a change of trainer. “It strikes me that hardly anyone in Italy blames Antonio Conte,” said Sporza football commentator and Serie A expert Filip Joos. “Apparently that has become the world.”

It is remarkable: 6 clubs from the top 10 of the Serie A will certainly have a new coach next season. If Andrea Pirlo still has to leave Juventus, it will be 7 out of 10. Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi is still negotiating a new contract. For the time being, only Milan and Atalanta will certainly stick to their trainer.

Dutch champion Inter also has to look for a new coach, after the departure of Antonio Conte. “He is leaving because he thinks that Inter cannot meet his financial requirements. Then it is not about his personal contract. He would continue to receive the 12 million euros per year”, says Filip Joos.

“No, the point is that the team cannot be expanded as Mr. Conte requires. Not enough money can be released, despite a huge loan they have taken out. Conte does not think it is enough.”

The Conte that achieved results in 2016 with not the very best Italian crop of results, I still hit higher than the Conte of today.

Filip Joos

“In 2016, Antonio Conte still had the Italian national team under his wing at the European Championships. With not the very best crop he did achieve results. I will score that Conte higher than the Conte of today, who demands a team with which he will certainly be the gets to top 2 in Italy and survives the 1st round of the Champions League, unless he messes up a lot himself. “

“I think that will become a bit easy in the long run. Are we still talking about the same profession when we say” the coach Antonio Conte “and – I’ll just name someone -” the coach Francky Dury “? rough.”

“Conte left Juventus at the time because he said that you cannot eat in a star restaurant with a 10 euro note. By that he was referring to the Champions League. He was unlucky that his successor Allegri with that 10 euro twice the price. Champions League final. “

“Be a man. You have made players and achieved great results and now you are abandoning them. I also notice that hardly anyone in Italy blames Conte. Apparently that has become the world.”

Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte wanted to expand the team further.

“Maybe things are different for Lukaku now that Conte is gone”

It is no secret that the mutual respect between Romelu Lukaku and Antonio Conte was and is great. Does the departure of the trainer also have consequences for the Red Devil?

“That may also depend on what is asked of the players”, Joos thinks. “Maybe things are different for Lukaku now that Conte is gone.”

“And a lot will also depend on who will succeed Conte, although it seems clear to me that that trainer will also beg Lukaku to stay. I don’t think the new trainer will say:” Lukaku can leave me. ” Lukaku is still going for the sporting honor. “

“Still, it will be devilishly difficult to come after Conte as a coach. That will not be fun anyway. The new trainer will always be measured against that yardstick.”

Romelu Lukaku in Antonio Conte

Romelu Lukaku in Antonio Conte

“Juventus seems to have lost the north”

At competitor Juventus there also seems to be a change of trainer in the pipeline. According to the Italian media, the resignation of trainer Andrea Pirlo is imminent, Massimiliano Allegri is ready in the wings to take over again at the Old Lady.

“It does indeed seem that Allegri will return. The Juventus chairman is working on a course that makes the average weathercock jealous, even though I understand the choice for Allegri.”

“He had to leave at the time because the football was not good. His successor Sarri still took a title, Pirlo did not. Juventus seems to have lost its way, also because of that Super League thing.”

“From a purely economic point of view, Juventus still has some power. I don’t see them sink completely. Allegri doesn’t come just like that. He has waited long enough for that. Yet he returns to the old nest. That says something.”

Will Allegri’s return also mean the end of Cristiano Ronaldo in Turin? “Ronaldo wants to leave, but thanks to a special decree he can nowhere earn as much as in Italy. It will depend on whether he is willing to give up. This year it was a lot less. would rather lose the moment than be rich. “

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