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Colombia National Team James Rodríguez Willington Ortiz backs Rueda | Colombia selection

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Considered by many to be the best Colombian player of all time, who due to fate and the lack of globalization at the time he was active could not go abroad, despite having retired 33 years ago, Willington Ortiz remains attentive to what that happens both in the competitions that have to do with our clubs and with the current situation of the National Team.

Leaving his kindness afloat, ‘el Viejo Willi’ attended FUTBOLRED to refer to the controversy that the exclusion of James Rodríguez from the national team that will face Peru and Ecuador in the next two days of the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers has caused.

For the tumaqueño, it is normal that the Everton midfielder had that reaction, although he agrees with the tricolor coach: “Of course he touches himself because every player, even if he is ill, wants to be called, but I think Reinaldo to take the The decision should have had a medical part, and it relies on that diagnosis. If James is not going to be well for the two games or for the two tournaments, including the America’s Cup, what is he going to call him for, if he is not going to use him and it is going to be a pressure having him there in the concentration. I think Reinaldo is right because if he is not going to use it, what is he calling it for?

In the same way, he is with those who believe that the level of the Creole midfielder supports the determination to leave him out in this call, in which a minimum of 4 points must be scored to regain confidence in the group and straighten the road to Qatar: ” With those conditions that James has now, he cannot stand it, the problem is that for us soccer players, the ego does not make us understand that sometimes people are doing well or badly, or are injured and cannot, the ego does not make us understand that part”.

Ortiz Palacio added that “Reinaldo has to rely on the medical reports they give him, which do not give him the time, he will not have a person who is mediated by another who is whole. As he is a Colombian coach, if he comes with everything, instead of accepting that it is like that, ‘I’m not well, when I get well I’ll tell him and they review me, and if I can contribute I will.’

Regarding the ideal replacement for the Cucuteño midfielder, he pointed out that “for me there are two: (Edwin) Cardona and ‘Chicho’ (Arango), they are two players who are doing well, ‘Chicho’ has had a good season, I like those two, although There are also (Jáminton) Campaz and the ‘Rifle’ (Andrade), although the Millionaires is doing better than them ”.

Willington preferred not to delve into recommendations on the way it should be played against Peru, since “Reinaldo knows, he knows, he has to go out there to squeeze them so they don’t play, score a goal and then counterattack him.”

At the same time, he argued that Duván Zapata and Luis Fernando Muriel should be the starters in the attack, “those are the ones who are better and hit, why are we going to waste them, the ones who walk straight and are scorers, they are working well in Italy and you have to put them in at least so that they scare the opposing defenses ”.

Finally, he referred to the absence of Alfredo Morelos for testing positive for coronavirus, he pointed out that “there is no problem, he can go home to recover and return to training when he is well, forwards is what there is.”

Marco Antonio Garcés
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
On twitter: @marquitosgarces


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