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Judo: coordination and balance.

From the initiation or the smaller categories, the first objective is to promote basic actions of our body such as coordination and balance through the game, working both hemispheres and thus acquire these tools to grow in judo.

Our activities in the club carry out a sports process from the smallest categories, this time we will know how the work is done in Judo by Pablo Ferreyra, our discipline coordinator.

How important is the seedbed for the discipline?

The judo discipline project is divided into three parts: middle School (transition between those who want to compete and what they want to do more playful) and recreational judo the one who wants to come to practice a sport without competing, but wants to be fit.

In school, we always work through play, with everything that is related to understanding and that the boys begin to know their body. We start with basic questions of any sport, for example moving, jumping, rolling, coordination, which are aspects that are needed in any type of sport and always oriented towards play, we are shaping it so that they can understand what each application of these movements is like.

How to coordinate, jump, balance, turn, roll back and forth, which is the continuation of training in judo, expressed Pablo Ferreyra as basic aspects of initiation.

In recreational, It is for bigger people, that It is not competitive but it basically has the same rules, we do set repetitions, rondori that would be the fights but without being competitive and always on the philosophical basis of judo.

How is the evolution as it is aspired in each category?

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On the competitive side, we have local, national and international competitors. At each stage of learning, they develop to their full potential and are generally judokas who have a few years of experience and are competition oriented. They have their physical trainer, their sports psychologist, they work double shifts every day.

High performance:

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They begin to work in the cadet category between 15 and 16 years old, there they begin to have an initiation in what is high performance and it is progressive. They are entering what is the energy system and the competition itself, the times, the forms, the strategies, the way to fight.

From that age on, high performance begins. Then when they are in the junior category (18 to 21 years old), there they are already fully in high performance with the entire sports team. They do a preview of what would be Senior, which is the highest category that everyone aspires to reach.

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