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César Hernández has a burning bow and arrow

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Life is about improving each day, each moment. It is a question of attitude. This is precisely what César Hernández is doing, who without having finished May yet, has already surpassed his numbers for the first month of the season, which, to be honest, were not that high either.

Whether they were good or not is not the point; The point is that the Creole was able to make the adjustments and is living this thirty in “Human Torch” mode.

Not counting yesterday’s game, Hernández saw action in 21 games, only in five has he gone blank and only in two has he failed to reach base.

On Wednesday night, the waiter caught a pitch that stayed in the power zone to send it to the left side of Comerica Park, in a game that ended in a victory for the Cleveland Indians over the Detroit Tigers.

This homerun was the sixth of the season for the Carabobeño and the fifth of May, with which he reached 11 RBIs, seven more than in April.

In total, during this span, Cesar has a .273 / .437 / .523 offensive line with 24 hits (five doubles, one triple) and 14 runs scored; all that in 88 shifts. His OPS is .870 and he has traded nine walks.

With this offensive rebirth, due to the poor performance he had in the first stretch of the harvest, Hernández is collaborating with the cause of the aborigines who are battling in the Central Division of the American League, especially with the Chicago White Sox who are marching. leaders in your area.

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The 31-year-old slugger was one of the best exponents with the club last season, leading the team in various offensive departments, including the Major Leagues (doubles) and by now he is starting to catch on.

In the top 3

César Hernández has become in recent seasons one of the most prominent first Creole and Major League bats. His ability to be on the ground demonstrates this, but also his occasional power.

“Cesita” has fired 15 home runs, opening clashes, only surpassed by Ronald Acuña Jr. (22) and José Altuve (16), this among those born in Venezuela.

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