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Buffon: “I can also quit, I think I’ve done enough in my career. One thing disturbed me … “

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Gianluigi Buffon, now a former Juventus goalkeeper from today, spoke to Juventus TV about his farewell to the Bianconeri, also talking about the last season: “The victory in the Italian Cup was a good ending, a termination of relationship is sealed with a beautiful victory and great scenes of empathy and friendship between me and my companions. It was a very peaceful farewell from me, I had already lived it 3 years before. You don’t get used to it, but with past experience you have some cardinal points so as not to suffer certain emotions. I lived it very naturally. In all these years I became a Juventus player, I made certain values ​​my own, and now I am happier than then because I am a Juventus player with conscience, I have chosen to be a Juventus player. “In Trieste, when I won the Scudetto with Conte. It was the closing of a circle that gave strength to my choices as a player. I joined the cause because I believed in it, because I could go back to winning with Juve. giving away in 2006 came to me, but then life gave me everything back. I suffered a lot from 2006 to 2012, I was the reference goalkeeper and I decided to be isolated “.

Then again: “One thing that bothered me was that the enthusiasm of the team this year waned a little with the first difficulties. Real fans don’t have to bury the team at the first difficulty. If I support Juve, my players they are the strongest until May, not February. The comments on my job against Barcelona also disturbed me: ‘Play Buffon because he is a friend of Pirlo’. I don’t want any gifts, hearing that someone doubted pushed me to leave Juve. Future? I need to rest and put new energy in my tank. I don’t want to regret any choice I make. Am I happy today? Yes, very happy, I don’t ask for better. I can also stop, I think I have done enough in my career “.

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