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Brooklyn Nets – Boston Celtics Basketball NBA Prediction and Betting Odds, 2 June 2021

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31 May 2021 / Levent

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Brooklyn Nets – Boston Celtics
NBA – Play-Off Matches
Date / Time: 2 June 2021/02: 30
Prediction: ms: 1 (Brooklyn Nets Win)
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Brooklyn Nets – : – Boston Celtics

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The best basketball league in the world, in this unlucky year we come to the end of the season in basketball as well as in football. NBA’de play-off matches have been played for a while.

Brooklyn Nets, which included important players into its squad by making a very serious investment before this season, will once again compete with the Boston Celtics, which they matched in the last 16 team rounds.

If the host Brooklyn Nets wins this match 2-1 in the series, they will end the series and have their name written among the last 8 teams.

It will be played at 02.30 on the night of June 2 Although both teams will be on the field for victory in the fight odds He sees Brooklyn Nets closer to victory.

Brooklyn Nets Form Durumu

Announcing flash transfers just before the start of the season in the NBA and making its squad stronger than in previous years Brooklyn Nets team became one of the strongest candidates for the championship with the transfers of Durant and Irving, especially Harden.

The Brooklyn Nets team, which has become a much more effective team on offense with Harden, has been in perfect harmony with Durant’s good company despite his age, but they also experienced disruptions during the season due to injuries.

Brooklyn Nets, who started by playing two games in a row on their own fields, won both games in the series, and then lost the fight they played on the road by a small margin and made their opponent hope.

The Brooklyn Nets team, who will once again take the field in front of their fans I think it will win with its star players in front of a small number of spectators as in previous home games.

Boston Celtics Form Status

Boston Celtics team, who managed to win in the last game of Tatum, the team’s star player, scored 50 points. Although he has lost power compared to previous years, he does not want to say goodbye to the play-off stage so soon.

The green-whites who won the third match by resisting against their opponent who seemed stronger as a squad will win the fourth match, where they have no choice but to win, to bring the series to 2 – 2 and to play the fifth game where the result will be determined.

We will watch the Boston Celtics team, which is weaker than its rival because of the players other than Smart, who cannot influence Tatum’s high performance, once again show a serious resistance and try to defeat their opponent.

Brooklyn Nets – Boston Celtics, Prediction & Result – 02.06.2021

While the Brooklyn Nets seems closer to winning in the fight between the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics, both of which have many star players on their roster and performed high throughout the season, I expect the Boston Celtics to not be an easy bite.

He expects Brooklyn Nets to win in the fourth game, which I think will be quite competitive as in the third game between them and I suggest you Brooklyn Nets win.

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