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Black Horse Indonesian Racing Again Makes History at the 2021 Italian GP

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The action of Indonesian Racing Gresini racer, Gabriel Rodrigo, on the first day of Moto3 Spain 2021, Friday (30/4/2021)



BOLASPORT.COM – The Indonesian Racing team continues to make history after previously successfully making a surprise by occupying the championship podium in the Moto2 and Moto3 races at the Mugello Circuit, Spain.

Furthermore, Indonesian Racing together with Aprilia Racing Team Gresini made a surprise return to reach the 4th starting position in the MotoGP class.

Through its racer, Aleix Espargaro, Indonesian Racing has successfully slipped into the 4th MotoGP start position.

He managed to pass the other top drivers, whose time was scattered behind Espargaro.

The Principal of the Indonesian Racing Team, Rocky Soerapoetra, is very happy that the racer has won the 4th position.

“Aleix Espargaro’s success in reaching the 4th starting position is an achievement to be grateful for.”

“Because this is the highest starting position ever achieved by the Indonesian Team in the prestigious MotoGP event so far,” said Rocky.

According to Rocky, he was quite surprised to see Aleix Espargaro’s record time since the first qualifying, which was able to record the second fastest time.

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Where until the end of the second qualifying, Espargaro had survived in the 2nd position.


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