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Beach and indoor volleyball define representatives to Nationals

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Oaxaca .- Indoor and beach volleyball join the sports that have defined their selectives to represent Oaxaca in the upcoming Conade National Games, with a total of 18 volleyball players, both in the men’s and women’s branches.

The Oaxacan teams achieved their classification to the last stage by the ranking they hold at the national level, while the Oaxacan representation obtained it by the results of last year’s tie.

In indoor volleyball, the team that will represent Oaxaca in the Conade National Games will be the one that will compete in the Men’s Superior Youth category directed by Diego Rivera de Juchitán de Zaragoza and which is made up of players from Loma Bonita, Tehuantepec, Salina Cruz, Tolostia Donají and in his matter of Juchitán de Zaragoza.

The team is ranked third at the national level in that category (1999-2000), only below power states such as Nuevo León and Jalisco, which for this year is the headquarters of the discipline. The competition graph is completed by Yucatán, Sonora, Mexico City, Chihuahua, the State of Mexico, Colima and San Luis Potosí.

In beach volleyball, Oaxaca is represented in the Senior Youth category in the female branch and in the Junior Youth category of both branches with pairs from Valles Centrales and the Papaloapan Basin, who are also in the national ranking.

The Senior Youth duo is made up of Ximena Gaytán and Guadalupe Panamá and is directed by Carolina Olmos; The Juvenile Menor is made up of Nabani Castillejos and Jennifer Rojas, directed by Carlos Armas Isidoro and in the men’s branch is Diego Pitalua with Ángel Lira, with coucheo by Francisco Medel Corro.

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In the Juvenil Mayor or 2002-2003, Oaxaca is placed in the ninth place of the national ranking, while the Juvenil Menor or 2004-2005, the entity was placed in the 16th place and in the male branch, of the same category, they are on site 14.

After conforming the indoor and beach volleyball teams, Oaxaca continues to add athletes to the delegation that will participate in the different venues and to date there are 137 women and men who will wear the Oaxacan colors and join teams such as squash, tennis, swimming , taekwondo, 3×3 basketball and judo.


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