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How the basketball predictions go

If you are a fan of gambling, sooner or later you will want to try something interesting. The long list of casinos offers some amazing casino games but nothing can compare to sports betting. Basketball is a dynamic sport, with a large number of effective attacks, bright playing moments, and an often unpredictable twisted plot. For Belgian punters, basketball is one of the most popular sports for betting and it is not surprising that there are many methods of betting. pronostic basket, both live and before the game.

Types of basketball bets you can place

Before we get into the game analysis, let’s discuss the types of basketball betting in Belgium. When it comes to online NBA betting, college basketball betting, or betting any other league in the world, you have options. There is nothing wrong with keeping it simple and picking the winners. However, it does not always fit perfectly with your choices and predictions. While you can certainly be a big winner just by picking out the game’s winners, it’s nice to be aware of what your options are just in case.

Moneyline basketball bets

When we talk about betting on the winner of a basketball game, we are talking about “moneyline” betting. All you need to do to win this bet is choose the winner of the game. If you are right, you win.

– Points Spread

The betting sites of the NBA determine which team they think will win the game, just like with a moneyline bet. However, the bookmaker goes further and determines by how many points. From there, you can bet whether or not a basketball team will outperform the prediction.

– Total

When you have a prediction on the tempo of the game but don’t know who is going to win, a total bet may be what you are looking for. A total bet is a basketball bet on the total number of points scored in the game by both teams. The bookmaker defines a line, and you choose on this line or under this line. If you’re right, you win.

– Prop

The last type of real money basketball bet you should know about is the proposition bet. These are bets on whether or not something will happen during a basketball game.

Pre-match analysis

Pre-game analysis of basketball games is a bit easier than debriefing in football games, since the composition of basketball teams is 2-3 times smaller, and teams play twice. more often, so there is always a lot of information about the rivals. Some difficulties are presented by a small number of broadcasts of basketball competitions in the post-Soviet expanses. However, the presence of high speed internet fully compensates for this small inconvenience. So what does basketball analysis include?

– The current form of opponents.

– The history of confrontations.

– Position and motivation.

– List of injured and disqualified persons.

Knowing all this, you will have a great chance of winning at the online casino.


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