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Basketball Club Story next week on Switch

by archysport
basketball club story nintendo switch

If you read us carefully, you will know the love we have for management games developed by Kairosoft, often simple but rarely simplistic, and above all very addicting. We have also dedicated a guide to the best of them. Anyway, whether you are a veteran or an amateur, know that the Japanese studio plans to release on our console another of its management games, this time based on a basketball club. This is how it, named Basketball Club Story, is presented to us on theApp Store :

Create your own world-class basketball team! Specialize in a skill? To be a jack of all trades? Or something in between? Create your own basketball team, recruit a bunch of wacky players, and compete against other teams. It’s up to you to lead them to victory!

In addition, build facilities for your clubhouse for the enjoyment of your players and visitors. Mix, match and position them however you like! Sign up with sponsors to get awesome financial support. Cheer them on alongside the rest of your team for even more rewards!

Don’t forget to connect with your local fans through community outreach. The more they learn about basketball, the more passionate they will become! With the help of your players, sponsors and spectators, you will create the best basketball team in the world in Basketball Club Story!

As usual in stamped games Kairosoft, you will not have to look for a management game very focused on simulation, but the many customization and micro-management options should hold you back long enough to make the 13 euros profitable. on theeShop. Basketball Club Story will be available for purchase on the online platform of Nintendo the June 3, 2021.

Basketball Club Story Trailer

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