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Basketball: Bamberg can create the sensation

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“Do or die” – Hundt wants to grab chance by the head

To beat Ludwigsburg in their hall, of course, everything has to fit together. “We now have a lot of self-confidence. The last two games were very good of us. The pressure is on Ludwigsburg. We go there and want to play freely – and get game five,” said playmaker Bennet Hundt, who was outstanding in game four. “But we have to be careful, we mustn’t fall into a mode in which we think everything will work out anyway. We have to continue to work hard, have to leave everything on the floor. This is the only way it can work.”

FC Bayern Basketball is waiting in the semifinals

With the two victories, next to fighting spirit and the will to win, perhaps the greatest trump card was that not only a few key players scored, but that many players can make the difference. That connects Bamberg and Ludwigsburg. Head coach John Patrick’s team also distributes the burden on many shoulders – if one player has a bad day, another takes on responsibility.

“Do or die” is the motto in Ludwigsburg today. Only those who win will progress and will face FC Bayern Basketball in the semi-final series from Saturday (29.05.2021).

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