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Baseball, San Marino passes with authority to Lastra a Signa: 3-10

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Third victory in as many matches: undefeated titans together with Grosseto

Federico Celli author of a two-point home run.

Rimini19:51 – 29 May 2021

Third victory in as many matches for the San Marino Baseball, which in gara1 a Lastra a Signa imposes itself for 10-3 and remains undefeated at the command of the group G together with Grosseto (11-3 on Fiorentina). In the match to be recorded the first seasonal home runs of Federico Celli (who also has a percentage of arrivals based on 850 in the first three games) and Giovanni Garbella, the 16 valid total (three for Celli, Angulo and Giovanni Garbella) and good control throughout the match. Mazzocchi winning pitcher.

THE CHRONICLE. Double Pulzetti and base ball are not enough for Celli, at the first attack, to pass, and so at the change of field the Lancers are the first to sign up for the scoreboard. The first point of the season suffered by San Marino is generated by Diaz’s double who pushes Becattini (single) home, with the reaction, however, that is not long in coming.

In the upper part of the 2nd, with two outs and empty bases, the ball bases in Albanese and Morresi keep the innings alive. After them, with the line-up starting again, here is Pulzetti’s second double of the afternoon which is worth overtaking (2-1), Angulo’s single for 3-1 and Celli’s for 4-1.

Luca Di Raffaele, beyond the pairing of hits of the first round, leaves no room for the guest batters and in his three innings puts together 7 strike-outs before giving way to Mazzocchi.

At the 3rd the Titans waste with two left on the base, while at the 4th they stretch in a decisive way: the inning is opened by Angulo’s double and, immediately after, by Federico Celli’s home run on the right which means 6-1.

In the lower part of the 4th Mazzocchi hits Diaz and suffers the double of 2-6 by Baratella, while at the 6th the distances are restored thanks to Reginato, single by Giovanni Garbella and defense error (7-2). At 7th Pulzetti’s sacrificial sprint sends Albanese to the point (8-2), while at 8th it is Giovanni Garbella’s turn to beat his first home run of the season, the solo-homer which is worth the 9-2.

The Lancers score their third point of the afternoon at the 8th with Becattini’s hit pushing Geri home (3-9), except for an error earlier. The tenth San Marino point, finally, is the result of the base ball granted to pinch hitter Beccari on a situation of full bases at 9th (10-3).

Third victory. Appointment now at Race 2 on Sunday morning, Sunday 30 May, at 11 am.


SAN MARINO: Pulzetti (Di Fabio 0/1) 3b (2/4), Angulo 2b (3/6), Celli ec (3/4), Tromp es (0/3), Reginato (Beccari) dh (0/4) , G. Garbella ed (3/6), Epifano ss (2/5), Albanese r (1/3), Morresi 1b (2/4).

LANCERS: Repetti (Araujo 0/1) ed (0/3), Becattini r (2/3), Pasquini ec (0/4), Diaz ss (2/3), Colasante (Rosario Ramirez 1/1) dh (0 / 3), Baratella 1b (2/4), Rudaj 2b (0/4), Parrini 3b (1/4), Geri es (0/4).

SAN MARINO: 040 201 111 = 10 bv 16 e 1

LANCERS: 100 100 010 = 3 bv 8 e 3

LAUNCHERS: Lu. Di Raffaele (i) rl 3, bvc 2, bb 0, so 7, pgl 1; Mazzocchi (W) rl 2, bvc 1, bb 0, so 2, pgl 1; N. Garbella (S) rl 4, bvc 5, bb 0, so 5, pgl 0; Degl’Innocenti (L) rl 5, bvc 9, bb 6, so 2, pgl 5; Margheri (r) rl 4, bvc 7, bb 4, so 2, pgl 2.

NOTE: offside by Celli (2p. at 4 °) and G. Garbella (1p. at 8 °); doubles by Pulzetti (2), Angulo, Diaz and Baratella.

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