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Baseball KBO – Pronostic KT Wiz vs SSG Landers

by archysport

Yesterday our big 2% bet slipped into KBO extending our beautiful series.

The Wiz are a very interesting team, I think they are contenders to go far this season and that is why they are often very low.

Last year the SK Wyverns their old name was a very average team and I thought that with these big changes in the winter they would be much better. It does, but I don’t see them as a team that can challenge first place in the league. They sure do manage to win games but they don’t score a lot, she’s not up to par in a lot of areas of the game and I think that’s going to start to show as the season goes on.

The WIZ may have lost the league’s most used player, Rojas Jr., but this team is overall better than last year and they will recover from the overtime loss.

KT send over the Je-Seong Bae mound, this 24 year old pitcher was one of the local KBO stars last season and I think he’s one of the best starters in this Korean league. He’s off to a good start in 2021 with a 3.19 ERA so far and a WHIP of 1.42, including some very tough starts meaning these numbers have improved recently. Bae may have hit his peak when he climbed to 7 strikeouts per game, and facing a very powerful Landers attack, but very rough I think that will match perfectly. Bae has only yielded 2 home runs this season, which is remarkable, and when you know that the Landers rely on long balls to get points it’s perfect for the KTs. SSG has yet to see Bae this season, and the last time the Landers played him was at the end of the 2020 season, he played 5 innings and didn’t take a single run. I really think Bae will be able to continue in his form and have a very good game.

SSG for their part with a few decent starts, but Su-Min Jung was not part of these meetings, and yet it is with him that they will start this meeting. He is a 31-year-old pitcher who has never proven himself as a former Dinos, yet SSG has given him his chance to relaunch his career since last season. He left to rebuild his hand in the second league before being recalled at the end of last year. He’s pitched really well in his three games, and has been good enough in training to allow him to take a starting spot with the SSG. Jung has now made five starts for the Landers this season and serves as a last resort for this team. He’s here to consume innings, until the SSGs can find a better opetion and play well enough to hope to win. He had a great victory against the Kia but against a much better team tonight it won’t be the same, and I think he will be hammered by the opposing attack.

The real disparity in this game is mostly in the bullpens and I think it is amplified by the fact that the Wiz have the best starter besides the best bullpen. Once Bae is done he will make way for a Wiz bullpen who is in the top three in the league with a 3.98 ERA. SSG for their part arrives with a bullpen close to 6 in MPM, the worst in the league.

Jung will not exceed 5 innings I think and will put the bullpen in difficulty quickly, yesterday’s match was played in 12 innings for the SSG to use its best relievers and we will have the right to the bottom of the bottom SSG launchers so I really don’t see how they could get away with it.

I think the SSGs are baked on the pitching side and they only have their attack left to hope to get at least a lead before the bullpen arrive.

I take the biggest bet on the KT WIZ OT and I also take the handicap (win 2 or more).

Match at 11:30 am.

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