Baseball: first historic victory in Serie A for Rimini

Joy for the historic day and a lot of confidence for the future. The whole New Rimini Erba Vita team absolutely wanted at least the first Serie A victory to come from Bologna because the double internal knockout at the debut against Macerata, even against a high-level team and seeded in Group E, had to be recovered with a performance of pride and with less hesitation in the game phases.

From Bologna New Rimini Erba Vita returns with a draw: defeat by 3 to 1 in the morning match, although it ended with more valid than the opponents (9 to 2) but with too many men left on the bases waiting for the right ‘beat’; victory 12 to 1 in the afternoon and game closed for ‘manifest’ in the seventh inning, after an excellent production of hits (14 to 1). An almost liberating victory, which gives the Rimini people the awareness of being absolutely competitive to earn their stay in Serie A.

Next Sunday New Rimini Erba Vita will be away again, this time in Rovigo, against a team that has so far followed the same path as the Rimini players: equal with Bologna on their debut and two defeats against Macerata.

Race 1 (3-1) Alessandro Di Giacomo is the starting pitcher, who leaves the mountain after 5.1 innings with only two valid hits and 8 strike outs. The valid Bolognese will remain two until the end thanks to the excellent relief of Tommaso Muccini. On the New Rimini front, the nine good beats were not used to win a race and produced only one point, with many men remaining on base. Worth noting is the three out of four by captain Marco Baccelli, deployed as a designated hitter.

Race 2 (1-12) Another excellent performance on the mountain: Francesco Ridolfi from starter, in four innings he conceded a valid, the only one of the Athletics Bologna. Then two rounds for Nicolò Ioli and closing of the returning Tommaso Aiello with two strike outs. Batting, four rbi for Enrico Cianci (4/5), three for Giuseppe Filippini and Romano Pini (2/3), with eight players who hit hits. Race closed on the seventh for ‘manifest’.

Manager Mike Romano: “First race with a mountain in great shape and the many men left on base did not allow us to win a match within our reach. In the second there was great discipline, all the opportunities were exploited and I saw the team blossom also in terms of enthusiasm. I am happy to have unlocked the ranking, our project is progressing according to plan and winning helps to work with more serenity. We have opened the door to the championship, we are here too and with great commitment we will work this week to fix some phases of the game ”.

The president Alessia Valducci: “We wanted this first win at all costs, on a day that was competitive in both races. It is an award for the many efforts made in recent months by the newborn club which has the privilege of being founded on five local clubs that support it from a technical point of view. It is a first step that has historical value. We know well how long the path to take is, now we enjoy this satisfaction and look forward with renewed confidence. Thanks to the guys, all splendid for their enthusiasm and desire to grow “.


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