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Badminton etiquette for Baerin_Let’s keep good manners! : Naver Blog

by archysport

The first badminton etiquette is before the game begins.

Greet each other politely!

Regardless of my age, I have to say hello before the game statu.

Sometimes they don’t say hello because they’re used to each other.

Be sure to say hello!

Then the atmosphere gets better and we face each other

I wonder if it won’t be less redundant

The second badminton etiquette is the shuttlecock

If you fall in the middle of the net!

Manner when throwing a shuttlecock at the other party!

If you throw it down or throw it when the other person doesn’t see it, or send it to another place on purpose, it’s all non- manners that ignore the other person, so you need to keep it well.

The third badminton etiquette is when your partner

Be polite even if you make a mistake!

You can’t say Pinjan or anything because your partner made a mistake!

The fourth badminton etiquette is to the opponent

If you hit the shuttlecock!

You hit the other person with a shuttlecock

Don’t be happy, you should politely apologize!

The fifth badminton etiquette

In the case of rainy season with each other in out!

To see it up close or to hear the other person’s opinion

You have to have a respectful attitude!

The sixth badminton etiquette

If you don’t say hello after the game is over!

Say hello with a bright face after the game

Going out is badminton etiquette!

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