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Badminton, before its big date

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The Ibizan sport has this Saturday afternoon an opportunity to write a new golden page in its history. CB Pitiús is measured from 5.30 pm in Blanca Dona al Oviedo in the second leg of the final for the title. The Ibizans arrive at this appointment with everything to decide, the 4-3 of the first leg in favor of the Asturians leaves everything open, since the league will be for the first to achieve eight victories. If there was a tie at seven, it would be necessary to look at the points of each of the matches, something in which the Ibizans, after the first leg, have an advantage.

In fact, within the Pitiuso club they know that this is very likely to happen since the level of the matches makes 4-3 the most likely result if the favoritism of each of the players who will jump is taken into account. to the insular sports center.

From the Pitiús they ask for the support of the public knowing that they have it in their hand and that in Oviedo they have already warned that they can achieve it, for this they are clear that it is essential to start on the right foot in doubles matches, some matches that will be a real battle between two teams that have good doubles players.

Such will be equality, that the player and coach of the club, Vicent Martínez, warns that each point will be fundamental: «We know that there are games that we are probably going to lose, but we must be very clear that each point will be important, there is no to let go because we will most likely have to tie the tie. The public has to know this to press with us in every action ». «We know that three games are almost certainly ours, and we have to get at least a fourth. Then, if we win a set in one of the games that we lose, we will be champions, “said Martínez.

“The public and we must be aware of the importance of each game. We are close to making the history of Ibiza sport. We are a very young team and the other day we were a bit nervous, but with our audience we can. They are going to be very important, “he concluded.


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