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Anthony Davis injured and lost: Lakers lost big

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Los Angeles Lakers – Phoenix Suns : 92-100

  • The Suns are equalizing 2 everywhere.

The Lakers have lost big on the floor. The fourth game already which allows Phoenix to return to equality (2 wins everywhere). But maybe more than that. It’s simple, the series may have shot this Sunday. The Angelenos have indeed seen Anthony Davis (6 pts, 4 rebounds, 3 wt in 19 minutes) injured. Hit in the groin in the second quarter, the strong winger could not replay after half time. And that changed everything in this game. It remains to be seen what impact this physical glitch will have on the rest of this confrontation.


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After having signed a good start to the match in the wake of LeBron James (25 pts, 12 rebounds, 6 wt) in particular, the Lakers had already seen the Suns come back with an excellent DeAndre Ayton (14 pts, 17 rebounds) and a precious Jae Crowder (17 pts, 7 rbds, 4 pds). But it was the injury of Anthony Davis that destabilized the reigning champions. While the Suns joined the locker room with a short advantage (50-54), the Californians completely foiled in the third quarter.

Unable to put their game in place, dominated by the Suns guided by a Chris Paul (18 pts, 9 wt) visibly recovered from his worries in the shoulder, they took a shine (27-15) to end up with 16 points late before starting the last period (65-81). And if the Lakers have finally found the necessary energy in the last quarter to pick up with seven points three minutes from the end, Phoenix has kept a sufficient mattress not to be afraid. Devin Booker’s partners (17 pts, 7 rebounds, 5 wt) thus regain the home advantage before returning to Arizona. And before the next game, Lakers fans will be waiting for news from Anthony Davis. Trembling…

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Atlanta Hawks -New York Knicks : 113-96

It is a collective victory. And a success that can leave traces. Atlanta dominated New York (113-96) by relying on its collective to take off in this series (3 wins to 1). The Hawks can finish the job Wednesday in New York if they win again. And if they reproduce their performance from this Sunday, they will have all the cards in hand.

After a balanced first half, Atlanta moved up a gear when they returned from the locker room. With a 35-22 in the third quarter, the Hawks have ruined New York hopes. And if Trae Young was still present (27 points, 9 assists) despite some difficulties from afar (4 of 14 three points), the formation of the State of Georgia has shown that it has many strengths.

John Collins (22 pts, 8 rebounds), Danilo Gallinari (21 pts) or even Clint Capela (10 pts, 15 rebounds) and even Bogdan Bogdanović (12 pts, 8 rebounds, 7 wt) thus hurt the Knicks. The more consistent match of a Julius Randle still in delicacy with his skill (23 pts to 7 out of 19 shooting, 10 rebounds, 7 pds and 5 turnovers) did not change anything. Derrick Rose (18 pts), RJ Barrett (21 pts) and co have their backs to the wall. Wednesday, they will have to win. Otherwise, they will be on vacation.


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