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All the sports news of the weekend

by archysport

Published on : 29/05/2021 – 23:30

Contents of Mondial sports Saturday: Football, Tennis, Taekwondo, Swimming and Cycling.


Football : to whom the Cup with Big Ears? Manchester City and Chelsea are playing the Champions League final in Porto. Analysis and debates in the studio.

Tennis : a few hours before the first racket hits, presentation of the 120th edition of the Roland-Garros tournament with Éric Mamruth.

Taekwondo : Ruth Gbagbi, gold digger! After bronze in Rio, the Ivorian is preparing at home to win the most beautiful medals this summer at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Report by Youenn Gourlay.

Swimming: what becomes of Eric Moussambani? 21 years after his legendary 100 meters at the Sydney Olympics, the slowest swimmer in Olympic history has resurfaced. Fabien Essiane met him.

Cycling: the Tour of Cameroon back on the calendar, big departure this Saturday from Yaoundé, under the eyes of Joël Wadem.

Summary subject to change depending on current events.


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