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All-Star Baseball 2003 – in the classic test (PS2) – MANIAC.de

by archysport
Game: All-Star Baseball 2003
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Acclaim
Genre: Sport
Tested for: PS2
Available for: PS2
Published in: 7 / 2002

Like the veteran PSone, the PS2 is also developing into a sports series console. Acclaim follows the trend and provides an update on its popular baseball simulation. Lately you can play up to twenty seasons in a row in the ‘Franchise’ mode, where you send veterans into retirement or sell lousy batter. As usual, you can step to the bar yourself on the field or leave all the work to the CPU. For other types of games, try your hand at the ‘Home Run’ competition, training, single game or ‘Trivia’. The latter is played almost like a board game on a 2D baseball board.

Unfortunately, successful strokes are just as dependent on luck as in the predecessor. The purchase is still worthwhile for fans because of the new modes.

Baseball update with new modes, but poor catcher control and puny icons that are too puny.

Singleplayer 67
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