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Agreement found! The 2020 NFL season is on track | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

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The season will be able to begin. According to NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport, the Council of Player Representatives has validated the agreement signed between the NFL and the Players Union (NFLPA) on pandemic provisions and measures. The training camps will open well as planned on July 28th.

“The season will clearly present new challenges, but we are determined to play a full 2020 season in a safe and secure manner, culminating in the Super Bowl,” said Roger Goodell.

Earlier today on Friday, the league held a telephone meeting with the coaches, presidents, owners and the union therefore. And things have gone in the right direction. The parties have agreed on several important points.

– The salary cap remains the same for 2020 (198.2 million dollars). For the 2021 season, the minimum cap will be $ 175 million, with the possibility of being higher based on income. The owners had expressly requested the lowering of the “salary cap” in order to anticipate the financial losses caused by the pandemic, in particular the more than probable absence of all or part of the spectator in the stadium.

– Players will have two withdrawal options. Withdrawal on medical designation giving entitlement to compensation of $ 350,000. A withdrawal by personal decision giving the right to compensation of 150,000 dollars. Players will have 7 days from signing the agreement to decide to opt out of the season.

– Players on a team will receive an allowance of $ 300,000 if the season is canceled and no game is played. If the season is canceled before the final rosters are announced, players who were on a team in 2019 will receive $ 250,000.

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– A protocol for the start of the camps has also been decided. SI.com’s Albert Breer reports that there will be four days of COVID-19 testing and virtual meetings to open the camps. Players must be tested twice negative before being allowed into the facility. The physical exams would occur the next two days, then the muscle building and conditioning work would begin on the seventh day of the camp.

– The deadline to increase the workforce to 80 players is set for August 16, before reinforced training. Teams can have squads of 90 players if they opt for a split team configuration. Some teams plan to split the teams up and use the stadium and training facilities.

– In addition, according to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the strength of the Practice Squad would also be increased to 16 players, against 10 currently.

The players’ union said its executive council voted unanimously to approve the proposed changes to the collective agreement (CBA). The vote was put to the representatives of the players of the NFLPA who voted in favor of the resumption of the sport. The season has started.

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