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After all, the Hockey World Championships with the fans in the stands? Hope also shone on those from abroad

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Even during this week, it seemed final that this year’s hockey world championship would take place without fans in the stands. But now there was hope that a limited number of spectators could get to the stadiums in Riga. On Thursday, the Latvian unicameral parliament (Saeima) obliged the government to draw up regulations allowing people to participate in the galleries of the halls during the championship. The Latvian government should decide on this next week.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Juris Savickis, a member of the board of the organizing committee of the World Championships, said that Group B matches in Riga Arena could be attended by up to 2,600 fans, to “Czech” Group A at the Olympic Sports Center 1050. Including those from abroad if they comply with all entry regulations to the ground.

According to the Latvian media, people who have already been vaccinated against covid-19 or who have suffered from the disease in the last 180 days could get into the stands. It has not yet been determined whether this would be the last three months.

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“There is no official decision yet. There are parties that support the acceptance of fans, and there are those that are against it. I think the discussion will take a few days, “Savickis said.

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The Latvian parliament approved a proposal to admit fans to the stands despite the opposition of Prime Minister Krišjánis Kariňš and Health Minister Daniels Pavluts. For the hand of 48 deputies, 40 legislators were against and one abstained.

Hockey World Championship 2021

The World Hockey Championship is in progress from May 21 to June 6 in Latvia. All group matches and playoffs are hosted by Riga. The Czech national team plays in group A. Zlato from 2019 defends the selection of Finland, the Czechs will try to improve the fourth place.


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