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“A sort of gang, like he destroyed the club. Thanks Elkann for kicking him out” – Libero Quotidiano

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Pierluigi Panza, signature of the cultural pages of Corriere della Sera, in the newspaper in via Solferino he wrote, as a Juventus fan, all the mistakes of Fabio Paratici as sporting director, thanking John Elkann of having licensed it. A long string of errors, according to Panza, which starts with the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo. But it happened when Allegri was already there and also supported by Andrea Agnelli and Elkann. “On 6 July 2018 I wrote ‘Why as a Juventus player I say no to Cr7’, on 17 May 2019 I wrote against Paratici’s decision to kick Allegri out, on 30 October 2019 ‘Paratici: Juve’s improper market’ and so on up to invoking the Allegri’s return before (not after) Juve-Porto “, remembers Panza.

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“I thank John Elkann for the decision taken, which I hope is not the only one. Paratici, who is an excellent talent scout, was General Wallenstein of the forty-year-old revolution, a sort of sports baby gang that destroyed Juve financially and football. He was the executor, mind you, just as Sarri & Pirlo were more victims than executioners of the situation; but Paratici took a lot of his own: they were killed for him Marotta and Allegri; then he bought Cr7 (100 million plus 60 gross each year) without selling Dybala at the same time (an aspect that made the team unmanageable), so the farce about the center forward from Icardi to Suarez “lists Paratici’s mistakes.

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“I think he will go abroad, but I would like to sell him to take care of the garden in his native Borgonovo Valtidone. The president of many successes, Andrea Agnelli, was the one who triggered the unfortunate turning point (but with ‘lively regret’ on Allegri), the whose consequences he tried to heal with Superlega. His step back would also resolve the UEFA and Pirlo issues and would allow the team to restart free from ties; however, as fans, we must consider than before the mistake made almost three years ago (expulsion of Marotta and Allegri) had done really well “, concludes Panza, granting the honor of arms to the” enemy “Paratici.

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