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A love story: María Laura Rotta, scorer of the women’s Federal

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Figure of Santa Rosa at the start of the tournament, the experienced player recalled her journey until she became one of the proper names of the current tournament.

María Laura Rotta was predestined to play basketball as an inheritance from a mother who was also a basketball player. It was a logical path for a María Laura who, at just four years old, was already biting the ball at the Luciano Club, located half a block from her house. Born on July 10, 1981 in Urdinarrain, Entre Ríos, into a sports family, she began her journey at an early age and quickly fell in love. Many things will have changed in his life during his 39 years, but Rotta maintains a non-negotiable certainty: his love for basketball.

After taking her first steps, the bulk of her sports training went through in Estudiantes de Paraná, where her performances in local tournaments allowed her to be summoned to the Cadet category of the Argentine National Team at the age of 14. Two years later he packed his suitcases and left for Buenos Aires, where he continued his sports career participating in leagues and national events. In the Selection he played until he was 24 years old, when for a personal matter he had to give up the blue and white. Something similar happened to him when he went to test in a club in Europe.

Despite not being able to continue with these quality leaps in his career, he never buried his passion and continued his relationship with basketball in national tournaments, where he played as a representative of Entre Ríos and Córdoba, the city in which he lived for a time. About 10 years ago he decided to settle in one place and started taking basketball in a different way. He chose Paraná, where his family is located.

She began playing with Talleres de Paraná in local and provincial tournaments, but some time ago the younger girls convinced her and she returned to play the Federal Women’s Tournament. In 2019 she was part of the runner-up team of the season and in 2021 she is the undisputed scorer of the tournament thanks to her great participation with Santa Rosa de Santa Fe.

“My numbers surprised me a bit for the better, but I know that I am preparing to do my best and that over the years the training is more and more precise and fundamental, and so does the team that thanks to him I can do my game on the court “Rotta commented in a talk with Prensa CAB, referring to his performance in the first three games played where he has accumulated an average of 26 points per game so far.

In the first game, she stood out as the scorer with 34 points, 19 rebounds and 2 assists, reaching a PIR of 54, in her team’s victory over Náutico Sportivo Avellaneda. Before Talleres de Paraná, his former team, added 24 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists and 9 recoveries, thus reaching a PIR of 39. While against Talleres RPB he contributed 20 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

In the analysis of his performance, he completes: “Although I know that I am important to the team, and I have been preparing to be at the height, the pandemic, like everyone else, at times paralyzed me. With this I mean that I am demotivated, I focus on other things leaving aside the training, love and commitment for this game. But he can handle everything in my life, so with a lot of effort I knew I had to train a little more and that’s how it was. “

“The balance is super positive, first because of the three games played and three won, that motivates a lot and is very good for a start after so much stopping. Although it is a team of years of working together, I included myself now, there is still work to be done to get the best out of each one but we are on the right track. The desire of the team is tremendous to leave everything in each training or game. But with the nerves of playing after so long without competition, the effort made from each one, from the institution in general and the fact that our coach joined the team a month and a half earlier, the balance is more than positive ” , Laura assured when analyzing the first matches played in the tournament by Santa Rosa. The three victories place the team as the leader of the Coastal Zone with a 3-0 record and 6 accumulated points.

“Our goal is to leave the club at the top, we know that we are a team with very experienced players so first qualify for the second phase and then reach the final home run. We also know that there are league teams with a lot of filming, but we work to arrive in the best possible way. The club supports our participation and works hard so that we have everything in a position to make our best presentation “, he assured about the intentions of a burning Santa Rosa, a team that does not plan to slow down in the resumption of the tournament after the stoppage that is being experienced by the complicated health situation that our country is going through.

In addition, Laura referred to the development of this Federal Women’s Tournament: “I saw the teams with great enthusiasm and intensity, the work that was being carried out despite the difficulties was noticeable. The zone that touched us is strong so it didn’t give us any respite even during the weeks to train, and in the games less because they were all tight wins so the wear was quite a lot ”.

He fell in love with basketball, traveled to Buenos Aires, studied and lived off the sport for a while. He played in various teams and tournaments at the national level, he even had the honor of playing for the National Team. But today at 39, life is very different for María Laura: “When you reach a certain age where you no longer live from basketball, where your priorities are different, it costs, but that energy that moves you inside, that’s what I call it when I talk about playing basketball, is still there latent and they motivate you to continue, they accompany you. In my particular case, I want to continue, I want everything again, and for that I know that after working I have to train, I have to make an extra space for the physical part, and that food has to be essential to be able to perform, so my day to day is quite organized. I am a physical education teacher and basketball coach, luckily I work what I love and I am crossed by basketball and physical activity every day, it is a lifestyle that I choose ”.


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