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“A life for sport”, the gyms in the former Pontieri laboratory named after Profs Baldini and Salvadè

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The dedication ceremony in memory of prof. Carlo Baldini e Giovanni Salvadè of the new gyms in the former Pontieri Laboratory.

The President of the Province of Piacenza Patrizia Barbieri, the Prefect of Piacenza Daniela Lupo, the Police Commissioner of Piacenza Filippo Guglielmino, the delegate provincial Coni di Piacenza Robert Gionelli, the head teacher of the Liceo Gioia Mario Magnelli, the head teacher of the ITC Romagnosi Cristina Capra, the head of the School Building Service of the Province of Piacenza Stefano Pozzoli, the Physical Education contact of the Provincial School Office Ada Guastoni , the professor of Physical Education (and friend of Baldini and Salvadè) Tiziano Barboni, Giselda Valenti (wife of Giovanni Salvadè) with their daughter Alessandra, Adriano and Paola Baldini (brother and sister of Carlo Baldini).

Giovanni Salvadè (1934-2013)
Graduated from the Isef in Milan and graduated in Pedagogy in Parma, prof. Salvadè taught Physical Education in various Piacenza schools before becoming Dean of the Anna Frank Middle School, the Virgilio Middle School (Lugagnano) and the Volta High School (Castel San Giovanni). He was a member of the Provincial School Council and, for many years, Physical Education-Sport Coordinator of the Piacenza Education Department. He was the provincial President of the Italian Handball Federation, of the Italian Baseball Federation and member of the Council of the Italian Sports Center, actively collaborating with the provincial CONI for the initiatives of sports promotion and dissemination of physical activity in primary school. Knight of the Republic for sporting merits.

Carlo Baldini (1947-2019)
Graduated from the Isef of Milan, prof. Baldini taught Physical Education in various schools until retirement, after which he devoted himself to catering. In his youth he was a national level volleyball player; ranks in the Piacenza teams up to Serie B and then the landing in Serie A with Milan, Bergamo and other teams. In the same period he wore the blue jersey several times, thanks to the summons collected with the Italian National Under 24 and Juniores volleyball team. At the end of the 70s he began his career as a coach, also guiding Opel Piacenza with which he touched promotion to Serie A. He subsequently coached other Italian A2 and A1 teams. In 2000 he was one of the founders of Copra Piacenza, a company that from Serie B went up to A1 where it still currently plays under the new company name (Gas Sales Blu Energy Piacenza).

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