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70’s grandfather wore his shalwar, grabbed the basketball and ran to the front of the backboard

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The 70’s grandfathers wearing shalwar in Diyarbakır took the basketball and went ahead of the hoop. The ‘grandfathers in shalwar,’ who did not leave the house due to the corona virus, relieved the stress of the pandemic by removing stones to the youth with their skills in front of the pot.

In a park in Diyarbakır’s Bağlar district, 73-year-old Sait Özkılıç, both father of 8 children, and Hafız Güneş, 65, saw young people playing basketball while they chatted with their friends in the park. Özkılıç and Güneş, who suddenly returned to their youth, took the basketball ball and displayed their skills in front of the basket. When the color images appeared, the grandfathers had the opportunity to get rid of the stress of the pandemic for a short time.

“I’ve never played this ball before”

Sait Özkılıç, the father of 8 children, called on young people to appreciate their youth and said that basketball is a good game. Özkılıç, “The young people were playing ball, we were watching, I remembered my youth, I wanted to go and play. When I got the ball, I had a little difficulty at first, I had never played with this ball before, I just started. I am 73 years old, it was a very nice game, I was able to throw two. Young people pay attention to themselves. let him appreciate it, if I were young now, I would take care of myself better, let them appreciate their youth well. “

“Sport has no age”

Hafız Güneş, father of 8 children, stated that the sport is not an age. Güneş said, “Young people were playing basketball, I wanted to play. There is a little difference between seeing and playing. I threw 3, the young people helped us, they showed us one time, we had to throw our feet forward by the hand we threw. There is no age of sports, we had fun, it was very nice to do some movement. It was good, “he said.

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