Home basketball 2021 NBA Playoffs: If Nikola Jokic was born in a Chicago suburb, how much would he be worth?

2021 NBA Playoffs: If Nikola Jokic was born in a Chicago suburb, how much would he be worth?

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Nikola Jokic is not your typical NBA star. His story differs greatly from the narrative that accompanies many league players, raised in environments of violence and narcotics on the most difficult streets of Chicago or New York. He grew up between horses and nature in Serbia. Nor is the physique the same as the muscular bodies with which he has to compete every night. And yet there he is, sitting in the chair in each game.

The Serbian center has to fight against his own history to convince the critics game after game (and they go 75 this season, being the only big star who has not missed a match) that he is the great candidate to be the MVP of the season. Despite the fact that some like LeBron want to sell Curry and his grand finale.

Jokic knows that he has to endorse his condition every night. It is the only way and he did it, again, against the Portland Trail Blazers to turn the series around and regain the home court factor in favor of some Nuggets that are born and die in their star. The ‘plavi’ silenced those who question that it can be done with the title of MVP of the year and added 36 points (4 triples of 7 attempts), 11 rebounds and 5 assists.

A player that trades on the rise and for whom contract figures are already beginning to be shuffled from 2023. How much is such a player worth in the market today?

Jrue Holiday It appears to be the missing piece for the Bucks to complete the step required of them to enter the NBA’s elite. The base has provided what Antetokounmpo and company needed so much: direction, defense and serenity. And without the need to do large numbers. But against the Heat, he also accompanied his performance with figures such as 19 points and 12 assists.

To forget the night of the Blazers in the shot of three. One of the teams that uses the most shooting from beyond the arc was weighed down by its poor level of accuracy in Game 3 against the Denver Nuggets. Oregonians barely scored 14 of his 45 shots of three in a poor 31% accuracy.

The Phoenix Suns were about to overcome the third game of the series against the Lakers, but ended up falling prey to their own nerves. Especially a Devin Booker, who ended up sent off after a hard foul on Dennis Schroder, which ended up being decisive in the victory of the Lakers.

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