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2021 Dantiao·Lindan Badminton Classic (Yan’an Station) is about to start_ 东方 Fortune.com

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Original title: 2021 Dantiao·Lindan Badminton Classic (Yan’an Station) is about to start

News from our newspaper (reporter Li Jiangfeng Liu Gang) On May 26, the press conference of the 2021 Dantiao·Lindan Badminton Classic (Yan’an Station) was held at the Yananmen Fitness Sports Center.

The competition is hosted by Yan’an Sports Bureau and Yan’an New District Management Committee, undertaken by Yan’an New District Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd., Yan’an Badminton Association, and co-organized by Yan’an Xintou Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Aiqi Culture and Sports Development Co., Ltd. . Dantiao·Lindan Badminton Classic is a competition brand created by Lin Dan after his retirement. It is the only amateur badminton competition named after Lin Dan. This tournament is centered on men’s singles, with the concept of participation, hard work and motivation, and through Lin Dan’s appeal and influence, badminton enthusiasts from different regions and different ages will be brought together, and will continue to the end and never give up. The spirit is passed on to every participant.

At the press conference, Cui Kai, chairman of Yan’an Xintou Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., introduced the rules of the competition. The competition time is from June 19th to 20th, 2021. The venue of the competition is at Yananmen Fitness Sports Center. Interested participants can follow the WeChat public account of “Yananmen Fitness Sports Center” to register. The competition consists of two events: men’s singles (18-30 years old group, 31-60 years old group) and mixed team events. Among them, there are 64 places for singles in each group. The competition is divided into two stages. The first stage is a group single round robin, where the top two teams qualify, and the second stage uses a single elimination round to determine the ranking. There are 24 teams in the mixed team competition, including men’s doubles, mixed doubles, and men’s singles. The three games are based on a two-win system. Each single event is set according to “3 games, 2 wins, 15 points per game”. The prize money for each category of this station competition will be as high as 15,000 yuan, a new high in the prize money of similar amateur competitions. In addition, Lin Dan will attend the closing ceremony and awards scene in person, and will have an exhibition match with the final champion.

Niu Chunyong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Yan’an Sports Bureau, said that Yan’an is the sacred land of the Chinese nation, the sacred land of the Chinese revolution, and the birthplace of red sports. As early as in the Yan’an period, sports were militarized, regularized, and popularized here. The national fitness style has blown from the revolutionary holy land to all parts of the country, and the red sports spirit has been passed on from generation to generation.The purpose of holding this 2021 Dantiao·Lindan Badminton Classic is to promote the nationwide fitness program and make moreCommon peopleEnjoy happiness, get health, and reap happiness in sports, and ultimately promote the health of the whole people with the national fitness, and deepen and improve the overall well-off with the health of the whole people.

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(Source: Yan’an Daily)

(Editor in charge: DF010)

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