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“Without Messi we would have won more titles”

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New clips from the documentary “The Legend of Sergio Ramos”, which will air this Friday on Amazon Prime Video, have been unveiled.

“I have earned the right to decide my future” you could hear from Ramos in previous clips unveiled, about his extension. This time, it’s about Lionel Messi and the Clasicos that the Real Madrid captain speaks.

Messi : “We suffered from Messi during that time. Probably if Barcelona hadn’t had him and if we hadn’t had him in front of us, I think we would have won more titles.”

Guardiola’s Barça: “We faced the best Barcelona in history”

The Classics: “We didn’t win a lot, also because there was a tension generated by them or by us. I think that’s where we all made mistakes and luckily we were at a mature age. We fixed that and fought for a unique national team. “

Its advantages : “I’m a player who depends a lot on his physique. The best are usually wingers and forwards and they’re very fast, so I don’t want to be hampered by a lack of speed or physique. ‘hours of solo work and in the gym, but that’s what I train for. “

Son ambition : “You can play good or bad, but I always try to give it my all, regardless of what happens. When you do that, there is little to be ashamed of.”

Zidane : “Zidane is a legend as a coach and as a footballer. He is a natural and straightforward person, an example for all.”

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