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They reveal cause of his tragic car accident

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The legend of golf Tiger Woods he was driving at a “dangerous” speed of 140 km/h, more than double the authorized limit, when he suffered the car accident in California last February, the county sheriff announced Wednesday The Angels.

The 45-year-old American golfer’s vehicle, who was alone, went off a route and made several turns on a downward, winding stretch of road in Ranchos Green sticks, on the outskirts of The Angels.

Tiger Woods suffered serious injuries to his right leg for which he underwent emergency surgery. “The main causal factor of this traffic collision was driving at an unsafe speed for the road conditions and the inability to avoid the curve of the road,” he said Alex Villanueva.

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“Estimated speeds in the first impact area were 84 (135 km / h) to 87 miles (140 km / h) per hour,” he added. No “signs of impairment” or signs of “distracted driving” were found, and Woods voluntarily authorized the results of the investigation to be made public, officials said.

Tiger Woods He could have accidentally stepped on the accelerator when he tried to apply the brakes after losing control of the car, the captain valued James Powers, although the golfer cannot remember what happened.

Investigators did not inspect his phone or do blood tests, because “there was no evidence of deterioration or poisoning,” he added. Powers at the press conference. The golfer underwent an extensive operation in the Hospital Harbor-UCLA, due to multiple open fractures in his right leg that required insertion, a metal rod in the tibia and screws to strengthen the bones of the foot and ankle.

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She is currently continuing her long recovery period at her home in Florida. At the time of the accident Woods, which has 82 titles of the PGA and compete with those of Sam Snead For taking the all-time record for victories, he was already facing a recovery process from a fifth back surgery.

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The accident, which casts doubt on his future professional playing career, was the last dramatic chapter in Woods’ career, which saw him dominate the golf world for more than a decade before a 2009 sex scandal brought his game down. .

Later, he divorced his Swedish wife Elin Nordegren after several women revealed that they had had relationships with the golfer. In May 2017, he was arrested near his home in Florida from being asleep at the wheel of your car in a lane of traffic. Woods said he had taken prescription drugs and pleaded guilty to reckless driving.

A series of operations on his back left many wondering if Woods he might once again return to the top of his sport, but he completed a fairytale comeback with victory in the Masters de 2019 to claim his 15th title of Grand Slam, three less than the record of 18 Jack Nicklaus.


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