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Real Madrid – The Los Blancos’ spectacular plans: Mbappé, Raúl and a stadium of superlatives

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Florentino Pérez was President of Real Madrid from 2000 to 2006. And he’s been back since 2009.

His final term as head of the royal family is expected to last until 2025. During this time, the powerful building contractor wants to put the club on a stable footing and polish up his own legacy.

He gives a clear path for this. Real Madrid should as soon as possible, both sportingly and financially, meet their own claims as the “largest club in the world”.

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To regain the prestige level of the past, the new stadium and the creation of a European Super League are high on the list.

For example, clubs such as Manchester City, Chelsea FC or Paris Saint-Germain that have made it to the top of European football through billions in oil are to be overtaken and overtaken again in the long term.

But Pérez is pursuing other goals at the top of the Madrilenians over the next four years. And they are no less spectacular.

Florentino Pérez, President of Real Madrid

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The new Santiago Bernabéu will be at the heart of Florentino Pérez’s legacy. Together with the club complex in Valdebebas, the stadium forms the basis for the years to come. Financially too.

In addition to the aesthetic changes, the renovation of the Bernabéu will be the economic engine of the club. Pérez’s plan is to achieve an annual increase in sales of 200 million euros after the stadium is completed.

It is very clear to the President that the new Bernabéu is currently more important than any further Champions League win. It simply makes more money and is more sustainable.

The economic stability of the association depends on the upcoming, firmly planned income of the “White Colosseum”. It is said to be – and most likely will – be “one of the most visited stadiums in the world”.

With this forecast, the Pérez should be spot on.

Model of the converted Bernabéu stadium

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Kilyan Mbappé will wear the white jersey. Florentino Pérez is convinced of this.

In order to make this dream come true, the 74-year-old has put his best employee on the courted star of Paris Saint-Germain: Zinédine Zidane.

The trainer has been in close contact with his compatriot for months and reports to Pérez at any time about changes and developments on the Mbappé front. Because with this transfer, the boss doesn’t want to leave anything to chance.

After the last big transfer with Eden Hazard so far seems to be more of a blow, Pérez wants to assert himself this time with all his might. He had always viewed the Belgian critically, but fulfilled his coach’s wish as a player.

In Mbappé, the future world footballer, he wants to leave his club the first “Galactic” since Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival in 2009.

Kylian Mbappé

Fotocredit: Eurosport


Pérez dreams of the club legend becoming the coach of Real in the future.

He sees in him what Pep Guardiola was once for the big competitor FC Barcelona: a self-grown man who initially rejects the horns of the second team and later leads the “big boys” to the highest levels of football.

Raul – so the plan – should follow Zidane when he has enough. The separation, however, should take place by mutual agreement. Zidane should go down in the history of the club as one of the greatest coaches and not be chased off the court.

Then Raul should shape a new era.

A plan that can quickly burst in the fast-moving football business.

Raul Gonzalez Blanco

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Pérez ‘to-do list is full of pick and packs, because in addition to the sporting cornerstones and a new superlative stadium, the outgoing president wants to initiate a whole lot more.

One of the main focuses of the businessman is on the Asian market. The Premier League clubs still set the tone here. But Real wants his piece of the – economically highly interesting – cake.

To this end, the European Super League is to be launched in order to make itself financially independent of the competition in the Primera Division.

And finally, Pérez wants to make the Damen Reals the best women’s team in the world. Only since summer 2020 have the royal family entertained their “Femenino” team. It should become a real power.

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