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Judo-Ludo is an excellent tool for personal and physical development in everyone. Through wrestling games, you learn to better respect your opponent, to better understand their limits and abilities. Children need an adapted education which takes into account their physical and mental specificities.

Judo-Ludo lessons were set up for small children from 4 and a half to 6 years.


Develop coordination skills through play.

Coordination includes: capacity for rhythm, reaction, balance, orientation, differentiation.


Coordination is the basis of any sport. If it is practiced very early, it greatly facilitates other acquisitions such as learning techniques and physical condition.

Children are introduced to the learning of falls and accustomed to not to fear physical contact.

By playing, children also learn about the respect, which is one of the ethical rules of judo and the basis for good functioning with others.

Check the schedule to learn more about this course.


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