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“How to like the Nets? There are only cowards ”

by archysport

If there is one thing sports fans hate, it’s creating superteams that ruin the sporting fairness of a league. In the NBA now, many people dream of seeing the Nets break their face in the playoffs. For a famous journalist it’s very simple, there is nothing to like in Brooklyn.

Last season, everyone welcomed the return to balance in the NBA. After years of the Warriors dominating with one of the finest teams in history, the league was once again dominated by talented duos. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, LeBron James and Anthony Davis …

And Brooklyn also got its hands on an exceptional pair in 2019: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. The problem is, these two players were, and still are, some of the most hated players in the NBA. The first is criticized for his attitude in the locker room, when the second is still singled out for his departure from Golen State in 2016 … As of last season, the Nets were not necessarily loved by the general public.

And things got even worse a few months ago when the leaders went looking James Harden ! Not only is the Bearded man very divisive in his game, but his arrival in Brooklyn was seen as the end of the league’s sporting balance… Obviously since then, many are the detractors of the Nets! For Colin Cowherd from FS1, there is absolutely nothing to like about this franchise.

So far, James Harden has played more games with the Rockets than with Kyrie and KD. Good luck in the playoffs! Superteams are all portrayed as bad guys, and I like bad guys. I’m all for building NBA superteams. Deep down I wanted to see the LeBron Heat win… The Nets? I want to see them die sportily. There is nothing to like about this team.

How to like the Nets? There are only cowards! Harden dropped out of the Rockets. Kyrie ditched LeBron James, then Brad Stevens. Kevin Durant left Westbrook, I understand, but he also left Golden State when it was the best situation for him. How did he not get along with Stephen Curry ?! Everyone in the East has the weapons to jostle them in the East.

Colin Cowherd could not be more honest about his feelings towards the Nets… Unlike all the great teams in history, which were fascinating to him, Brooklyn does not have an endearing personality like Dwyane Wade could be in Miami. for example… He is probably not the only one in this state of mind as the playoffs approach!

Whether loved or hated, the Nets will be, whatever happens, one of the most scrutinized teams in the playoffs! Everyone will want to see them crush the competition, or get crushed!

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