Home baseball 63-year-old Liu Xiaoqing’s baseball cap appeared at the airport, waved and smiled at the camera

63-year-old Liu Xiaoqing’s baseball cap appeared at the airport, waved and smiled at the camera

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A number of fund intermediaries received commissions of varying amounts from the middle level, and the amount of discounts offered by the depositors was much higher than that of the depositors.

It is necessary to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization construction, Xiaoqing firmly establishes and consciously implements the new development concept, and firmly adheres to the strategic positioning of safety first, ecological priority, green development, recycling and efficient, and suitable for production and industry. Second, baseball must adhere to the people-centered development concept.

We must always serve the people and enterprises as the starting point and goal of our work. We must make good use of the national industry, environmental protection, safety, employment and transformation support policies, and give full play to our city’s rich human resources and huge market demand potential. Advantages, relying on the Puyang new chemical base platform, research and coordinate the allocation of resource elements, help enterprises solve practical difficulties, further boost enterprise development confidence, stimulate enterprise innovation vitality, create more dividends for enterprise development, and allow people to share more of the economic development Results. For the third mirror, we must insist on scientifically formulating plans. Planning is the guidance, the laughter is the guidance and productivity, and it is the “law” for the construction of industrial parks.

63-year-old Liu Xiaoqing's baseball cap appeared at the airport, waving his hand and smiling at the camera

According to the overall plan, Xiaoqing prepares various special plans with high standards, and does a good job in the coordination and connection between the special plans to promote the sustainable development of the industrial park. Fourth, we must insist on attracting investment in baseball.

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63-year-old Liu Xiaoqing's baseball cap appeared at the airport, waving his hands and smiling at the camera

It is necessary to form a professional investment promotion team, with a strong investment promotion force, and to study and understand investment policies, improve the level of professional investment promotion, and focus on attracting a group of strong chain and supplementary chain industry projects with high correlation and strong driving ability, and cultivate Strengthen industrial clusters.

For the mirror five, we must insist on overall planning and advance the construction of the park. At the age of the year, Liu Shenji laughed that we have a solid industrial foundation for building a new chemical base.

The city is rich in oil and natural gas resources in Xiaoqing. It is also an important oil and natural gas hub in North China and Central Plains. It has the Wen 23 strategic gas storage with 10.4 billion cubic meters of reserves and the Wen 96 peak shaving gas storage with 600 million cubic meters of reserves. . After more than 30 years of development, the chemical industry in our city has laid a solid foundation for the chemical industry, forming a relatively complete industrial system, a complete industrial chain, and strong talent support.

Major plans such as “Planning for the Central Plains Economic Zone” and “Outline of Henan Province’s 13th Five-Year Plan” have all proposed to support Puyang’s development and expansion of the petrochemical industry and construction of chemical bases. For the mirror, we have a strong organizational guarantee for the construction of a new chemical base.

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