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Almería launches a floating platform for judo that only have two facilities in Spain

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“It is the same one used in Japan, the greatest power in the world, for training and only two rooms have it in Spain, one of them in the Rafael Florido CDM, where our municipal sports school Alianza Ksv trains. For the Municipal Board of Trustees of Sports (PMD) is, at the same time, a proud and a great advance for the improvement of our judocas, “said the Councilor for Sports, Juan José Segura, when visiting the facility.

It is a platform that is 18 centimeters from the ground, which when stepped on gives the feeling that it is floating and that has technical characteristics that help cushion the blows in falls.

The technical director of Alianza Ksv, León Granda, explains that “with this platform our students of different ages will have a softer landing in the falls in training, which will allow them a greater volume of work, having the comfort that the impact it will be less: there are only two rooms like this in Spain, which will help us improve, both at the base and later in competitions. “

Granda thanks the Municipal Sports Board “for the effort so that we can resume face-to-face activity, with a demanding prevention protocol against covid-19. We have 121 children and we have not had any case of covid, mainly because we train in groups of six judokas , individually and with a mask, and in the older ones they do it in bubbles where contact is always made with the same person, minimizing the risk “.

“We are very satisfied with the result, as I have said thanks to the joint effort of our school, the PMD, the students and their families,” he added.

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The Councilor for Sports has also witnessed an exhibition carried out by four students of the EDM Alianza Ksv on the new floating platform and has verified the high level of a municipal school that has also resumed competitions at the national level with excellent results.


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